About Seasoned Life Journal:

Seasoned Life Journal started out in 2011. It is an online hub for Personal development and Inspiration. We are devoted to help you become effective through applications of proven principles and universally timeless natural laws.

Every day, in one form or the other you are faced with problems of effectiveness in work and home life. Some of the problems include:
- Time management
- Breaking a habit
- Money management
-Turning goals to reality
- Discover purpose and developing your passion
- Working with people of opposite character and interest, etc.

Here at Seasoned life Journal , I will teach you personal leadership. I believe if you can Lead your life completely, you would be more effective. You can be more effective by living a principle centred life.

I am also here to inspire your greatness by sharing success stories/interviews of influencers and successful people who are making a difference.

Here is the formula...

Personal development = Personal Leadership = Self mastery/Self discipline

What is Personal development?

It is basically the enhancement of all aspects of your life geared towards living an effective, purposeful and relevant life.

What is Self Mastery/Personal leadership?

It is simply living a life of integrity. That is there's a wholeness between your spirit, soul and body by aligning with universal principles.

Behavioural change experts have noted that productivity is not doing things right but doing the right things.

You might be thinking of efficiency and rules but here I am about direction and purpose.

For example, you will not be able to achieve goals without clarifying values.

So my goal here is to move you from efficiency (time oriented) to effectiveness (result oriented).

I will constantly do this by showing you how to LEAD YOUR LIFE!

About The Author:

About Abraham Ologundudu

Abraham Ologundudu is the founder of Seasoned Life Journal. I am a Personal Development Strategist, Authore, Speaker, and Trainer.I am also the Convener of Leverage Conference.

I help you develop effective personal leadership that will empower you Lead your life to fulfillment.

My ultimate aim in life is to influence the world with my creative genius and share virtue with people I meet daily.

One of my goals is to influence people by equipping and informing them to become functional in nation building (Nigeria).

I am passionate about the power of technology to bring about innovations that will develop any nation.

I love helping people become a better version of themselves.

I graduated top of my class in Physics Education from the prestigious Lagos State University.

My Philosophy:

I believe that God is the creator of the universe. He sent His son Jesus to redeem us from the power of sin and impute righteousness on anyone who believes in his birth, death, and resurrection.

I believe the Holy Spirit is a gift from God to all who have been saved to comfort us and empower us to live right before God by faith.

I believe God is the source of correct principles and also our spirit (seat of the conscience).

I believe there are areas of the human nature that education or any other achievements can never reach but will require the power of God's spoken and written words to influence it.

I believe that the key to complete maximisation of the human potential and  fulfilment can be achieved when we align with the Principles of the Bible.

Other interests:

Gadgets, basketball, graphic design, digital marketing, photography, dance, music, art, web development, programming, etc.

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Yemisi said...

Hi Abraham, it is great that you have been able to move past the difficulties you had while you were younger. Not only that, you are now inspiring many through this site. All the best!

Ologundudu Abraham said...

Hi Yemisi,

It's nice seeing you here again. I am quite glad that all those are behind me now.
Well, what more can I do than exercise the gifts I have? ;).

Your comment here is a source of encouragement. Thanks.

Nnenna Ikoro said...

Lovely. I am excited about your philosophy and mostly for sharing it publicly without being ashamed of the gospel and your true nature. Thank you.