Friday, 10 November 2017

What's Your Driver? - Victor Onyekere, The Strategist

Victor Onyekere, The Strategist, Africa's Life, Behavioral Change & Productivity Coach

''It's amazing how we are interconnected to each other in diverse ways. Life is a journey that was designed to feature many people and no individual can truly live in isolation. In case you've never met me before, I am Victor Onyekere, Africa's Life, Behavioral Change & Productivity Coach. I work with diverse individuals at different levels to re-engineer their thinking processes, develop empowering behaviours to create productive outcomes within their lives.

In this audio resource you'll understand the true essence of real living. You will gain insight into how to appropriately live life and operate in the right dynamics of life. I created this 4-minute audio resource as a ''Special Gift'' to you because I truly want you to operate in your best state of functionality and of course, It's my Birthday Today!

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