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A Remarkably Cheap Way To Start Immediately To Share Your Creativity With Your Targeted Audience

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Don't we all have a message to share.

Unless you are born with a coin-sized brain and an absolutely flat emotion, you definitely have a message to share. A burden you want to unleash to the world.

And with this message (or creativity) comes the desire to be heard.

Thus, it is not surprising to know you want to connect your message to your fans; the group of people who root for you.

But there's a glitch.

True, the internet -- especially social media -- is fast making a writer out of everyone.

And if you have a burning desire to reach more people with your creativity...and masterfully impact them with your can “get on the internet”.

Of course, you can do this with Facebook. Write snippets of messages daily, tag a few friends, and your message reaches the world, right?

But the sad news is, not everyone on Facebook (or any other social media platform) care about your message.

Some may care, but when they do find your feed, your message is already tucked in the countless numbers of fresh news feeds.

And when you keep publishing your ‘priceless’ creativity to unlistening ears, you are wasting your time and working in a tunnel.

Worse, you're building yourself up to lose motivation faster.

This is sad, but that's the case with most creatives.

So, how can you reach your targeted audience with your message, get remarkably awesome feedback from them almost everyday…while, of course, spending little or absolutely nothing to reach them every single day?

All ethically done?

A Little Back Story To Help

You see, back in 2013 when I launched into the online world, I had a strong desire to reach new writers and struggling entrepreneurs with my message of “hope”.

I started free WordPress blogs on writing and creativity for writers and would constantly publish content on them.

Sad news though is, I rarely got visitors to this site. Worse, if I did at all, they weren't people who were interested in what I had to say.

I wanted strongly to not only make money blogging (Duh! That's important, too) but I also wanted to impact more newbie web writers and struggling entrepreneurs in Nigeria with my writing.

Since I wasn't getting anywhere with my free blogs, I thought it would be smart to start a self-hosted blog instead.

This I did and soon, I was publishing articles profusely on this blog.

I fought “tooth and nail” to direct the right audience to this blog and gravely impact them along the way.

A few did show up, but we weren't connecting everyday.

See, unless you're comfortable to be whistling in the shadows, you want your message to hit home...with the right audience.

And you want to make sure you are making progress.

I didn't see the kind of result I wanted: growing brand, responsive audience, and increasing income. So, I did what most frenetic people do.

I quit the blog.

I did this with two other self-hosted blogs (both of which failed).

Until the story changed in 2016.

I discovered a simple, fail-safe, and absurdly cheap way to share my creativity with my targeted audience.

Not only did I start to connect with this audience every single day, I also started to get encouraging feedback from them; monetarily and otherwise. 

Here's The Method I Used To Share My Creativity...At Almost No Cost...With My Targeted Audience

I will stop beating about the bush and go straight to the point here:

If you have always worried about sharing your creativity with a few targeted people who not only care about what you have to say, but also give you the feedback that will encourage you to go on…

Then email marketing is your next step.

Please hold on. And let me prove my inane flatulence.

There is a seeming complicated way to start email marketing that, as I choose to believe, should be reserved for another blog post...because of the details it requires.

But that is not what I speak of here.

In this blog post, I assume that you have a passion you want to share with your fans.

And if need be, you intend to seriously make your living off this passion.

But you do not want to throw your money into untested waters.

You do not want to spend a whooping $45 a month on GetResponse when you make absolutely no money yet.

Then this method of announcing your passion or creativity….which I’m about to reveal to a great way to go.

Disclaimer please, because I have lived on the belief that businesses should be simple, without complicated funnels and investing a ton of cash to launch, I found this emailing method to be the simplest way to not only get your business going (in a few hours) but also to keep impacting your audience daily with your message.

What is this simple emailing method?

How To Get Started To Share Your Creativity With The World

Let’s assume you have a passion to teach personal development strategies to web entrepreneurs (in Nigeria, maybe).

Your first concern could be to start a blog (which is a great idea).

But the downside is…not everyone who loves to read personal development strategies will get on your blog. Not so soon.

You would publish breathtaking content with highly impactful information and research…and an awfully tiny number will visit your blog to read your ‘priceless jewel’.

But if you land in your readers inbox every day (or every other day), with short, snappy and powerfully compelling emails that communicate your creativity, you will:

  • Establish your expertise, 
  • Connect with your customers, 
  • Grow your business/brand, 
  • Make money faster (if that's your goal).
Harken to me, please,

And here's a quick question to prove my point:
  • How many times have you visited websites today? Once? Twice? 
  • Now, how many times have you checked your email today? Can't count?
Look, if you'll be truthful to yourself, you'll admit you've checked your email at least 10 times in only 6 hours...amidst your “busy” schedule...but have visited few blogs in those hours (if at all you did).

So listen, you want to start sharing your message with your fans, and watch them “listen” to you always...with absolutely zero Naira?

Get a handful of friends’ email addresses and start to email your messages to them...daily or weekly (450 words, at least).

Hold on!

This launch strategy is somewhat counter intuitive.

In fact, it seems a bit unethical; since you're supposed to obtain people's permission before emailing them, right?


But if you received an email from a friend (not an acquaintance, mind you), would you throw the email out?


If the friend asked your the email...that he’ll be sending such emails to you daily, would you curse him for “sharing his dream” with you”?


If you told them to kindly give their feedback on your emails, would they object, decline, or ignore you?

A few may. But most won't.

See, friends support friends. And true friends want to encourage you to get on to achieve your dream.

You may not have all your friends support your “business” method. But you would have quit anguishing over launching your creativity and succeeded in starting small.

Yet another disclaimer: I do not claim that blogs are outright useless.

In fact, you wouldn't build a monumentally successful brand this day if you didn't own a blog.

But if you don't have the cash to spare for a self-hosted blog (and a free-hosted blog isn't a superb way to go, take it from me), but you're overwhelmed with the desire to release your creativity to your true fans… daily or weekly emailing is the way to go.

But then it begs the question: how do you promote your message via this emailing method?

How To Reach More Fans With Your Emailing Method

I mentioned earlier, that friends support friends. And true friends will encourage you to achieve your dream.

This is why if you email 20 friends everyday, teaching your creativity to them in your emails and asking them to share your emails with their friends, you will have an arguably 50% response rate from them...because they are your friends.

When I launched my email copywriting business in 2016, I had absolutely zero email list. But I used a list of friends to jumpstart my business.

Less than 14 days I started to write interesting emails that taught “building successful online businesses”, a friend called me for a business meeting.

Barely 30 days after, I got my first Email Copywriting job. And I went on to make over N450,000 in very few months afterward.

See, the more you linger to launch your creativity, the more time you waste. And if you're business-minded like me, the more money you leave on the table.

If you start today to teach what you know…in clear, concise, and compelling your friends, you would’ve kicked your fears to the gutter..and launched your dream.

The more your friends help you announce your creativity (via emails), the more your brand grows.

And if you include the URL to your blog (if you have one), you could very well increase your email signups that way.

Otherwise, ask your friends to share email addresses of friends who would love to read your kind of emails. (Send a welcome email to those new emails; requesting their permission to email them daily).

Still unethical? Get over yourself.

Too dull and boring? Well, it’s better than delaying to “get started”, right?

But someone says, “My friends are not my fans”.


Your friends may not be your fans. But they’ll connect you to your fans.

It may take a while. 30 days, if you work so hard.

But your friends will hook you up with your fans.

Beside helping you connect to your real fans, this method helps you finesse your writing skill, fine-tune your creativity, and positions you as an expert in your field real fast.

Meaning, the more you write those emails, the better you get at your topic...and the more you're well-positioned as an authority in your field.

What could be better than that?

Get Started To Live Your Dream

Do you want to be remarkably showered with success so monumental it starts to take your very breath away this year?

Then it’s time to quit wishing you had money and start right now to launch your dream.

It’s time to quit wishing you were a “perfect” writer, and start to write those emails.

It’s time to quit waiting for a perfect brand name or perfect heaven-knows-what and get your dream on the way.

Your fans need your creativity. But they will never find it while you stay locked in the drawer.

Your dream is waiting for you to start.

So get on with starting.

Right *sodding* now.

About The Author: Yusuff Busayo is an Email Copywriter. He churns out breathtaking daily emails at the speed of jet and teaches new and struggling online entrepreneurs in Nigeria to create epic sales emails that change their income ( and lives) and build their businesses. Get his FREE 84-page report on writing sales-sucking emails. (Time-sensitive offer).

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