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Your Excuses are Not Your Problems

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“When I lost all my excuses, I found my results.” -Anonymous

Do you have any big project you want to do and feel that certain things must be in place before you start? What are your excuses? Do they involve money, new skill, new environment, new set of cloths, a university degree, and certain tools?

You see, I have come to realize over the years that our excuses are not actually our problems, as you keep reading I will unveil to you what the real problem is.

There was a little boy whose goal in life was to be happy, just like I and you would always say about our dreams, he said to himself, when I become a big boy I will do this and this and I will be happy. And when he becomes a big boy he says when I finish college and do this and this I will be happy. And when he finishes college he says when I get my first job I will do this and this and I will be happy. And when he gets his first job he says when I get married I will do this and this and I will be happy. And when he gets married he says when the kids get out of school and I do this and this I will be happy. And when the kids get out of school he says when I retire and do this and this I will be happy. And when he retires what does he see? He sees life has gone by in front of his eyes.

Does your approach to dream have any resemblance to that of this little boy? Many years ago, there are certain dreams I left pending because I felt certain things must be in place before I start. For example I use to think I needed to become a graduate before I should implement certain goals. Believe me after graduation, I started thinking I needed some other certifications before I can start, my excuses go on and on until I realized that it was getting too late.

When I heard about blogging, I was really passionate about sharing my thoughts with the world using blog as my platform, but I realize I needed a laptop to get started. I set goal to get a laptop, eventually I got it, but you won’t believe that it took me another two years before I eventually started the blog. Why does it take so long? It took so long because I had another excuse, that my writing skill was not good enough, that people will laugh at my articles. After I worked on that and I improved a little, another set of excuses sets in, you know what they were? I started feeling that my blog must be a world class blog , that I needed to get my own domain to start, that I needed to improve my vocabularies. That was how my excuses kept increasing.

A time came when I stood against all my excuses. I summon courage to start anyhow. I resolved within me that I must start, that I won’t allow my excuses to keep holding me. I agreed to make a fool of myself. I decided to start where I was and with what I had.

At last I started the blog using google’s blogger platform. My URL looks like this, but I didn’t care. I started writing post. Some of my friends would call me and advise me to ensure that always do proper editing of my work, I started improving based on their feedback. Since I started about two years ago, I have written articles that have gone viral. 

I have received messages on Whatsapp and Facebook from people across the nation appreciating me for giving them useful information and inspiration through my articles. Many of my articles have been published on Nairaland’s front page, with wide acceptance of my ideas as valid and useful. I have written guest posts for other personal development bloggers. Most of the people I met online discovered me through that same blog. I have written and self-published my first book, and currently working on the second.

How did I accomplish all these? I did so just for one reason, because I started even when I thought I didn’t have all it takes.

The purpose of my ranting so far is to make you realize on thing, that your excuses are not your problem. You will be surprised that even after having some of the things you think should be in place before you can start living your dreams, you may eventually not start. If that has been your lifestyle, it is high time you stopped.

What is your dream? What are your goals, what is holding you back? Why not start now with what you have? You see, if you didn’t start now, few years from now you will regret you didn’t start today.

With starting comes experience, and with experience comes mastery. The ease with which I generate writing ideas, and the confidence with which I present my message today wouldn’t have been mine if I had sat at the valley of “when this and this is in place.”

I made a promise in the second paragraph that I would tell you what your problem is. Your problems are not your excuses, your problem is INDISCIPLINE. You procrastinate simply because you are not discipline enough to force yourself to start even when every part of you is holding you back.

The opposite of indiscipline is DISCIPLINE, “it is that ability to do what you need to do at a given time whether you feel like it or not.”

Now do you actually feel it is high time you started living your dreams? If your answer yes, then find a way to play around your excuses and start anyhow. Abraham Ologundudu once shared how he started sharing his thoughts online using his Nokia c1. He didn’t wait until he had everything he needed, and today, you can see what that has evolved into.

Every big thing started small. Those who are at the top today were once at the bottom. No one got it right from the beginning. Everybody started from where they were and with what they had. Today most of them have become excessively successful in their various fields.

If you are still in doubt, do you know that Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in the dormitory? Do you know that Steve Jobs started Apple in his adopted parents’ garage? Do you know that Linda Ikeji started her blog with google’s blogger platform? Do you know that David attacked Goliath with what he had, a sling and five smooth stone?

If you keep waiting for the perfect time, you will wake up one day, and find out that your life has gone before your very eyes.

Why not start today? Kick off your excuses, embrace what you have and start.

Job said, “though you started with little, you will end with much.”

About Author:Taiwo Emayosanlomo is success coach, personal development blogger and a motivational speaker. He helps people to live their lives on PURPOSE, grow CONSCIOUSLY and EXPAND. He is the author of Winning Paradigm for Tough times( a practical guide to overcoming the obstacles to success). To read more of his articles, you can visit his blog at Contacts, Whatsapp: 08063027629, Facebook, Twitter, Google+( Taiwo Emayosanlomo).

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