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7 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Creativity Online

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Impressionists claimed that there are as many realities as there are human minds and this is not far from the truth at all. When you look at it, no matter what you decide to make, you have to make an investment in it first. An idea is the only thing that can be made out of nothing (apart from mental effort). Everyone has a story to tell and here are seven reasons why you should share your creativity with others. As it happens, in this day and age, such a thing is easiest to do online.

1. Give Others a Piece of Your Mind

While words alone were able to start wars and save the world in the past, in a myriad of voices it is not likely that yours will be the one to make a difference. On the other hand, if there is a tiniest chance of your idea changing something, you need to share it with the rest of the world. Still, changing things for better shouldn’t be your only motivations. Sometimes simply letting others know how you feel can help people understand you better or give you an exhaust vent.

2. You Don’t Have to Be the Best

For various reasons, today, there are more amateur writers right now than ever before. Unfortunately, many people get too discouraged by the phobia of not being good enough. They compare themselves to the greatest artists of all times; so, if their story isn’t as good as that of Shakespeare or Orwell, they won’t publish it. Following this logic, any writer who is considered worse than them should keep their works hidden from the eyes of the public. Well, in that case, there would be only a handful of literary pieces out there, which would turn this world into a much darker place. Finally, there is always a chance that your piece of work will become someone’s personal favourite.

3. Finding People Like You

In this cold, modern world, it can be extremely hard to find a kindred spirit. One of the easiest ways to do so is by browsing ideas of others and connecting to those who find your ideas fascinating. For example, if I you like expressing yourself through cooking and preparing exotic meals, you can easily find new recipes and research food photography online. You’ll see there are so many people who share your passion. This way, by exchanging ideas, you are connecting with people on a much deeper level.

4. Trying Something New

Another reason why you should share your creativity online is that it is usually a completely new experience. There is no better way to grow as a person than to try something new. Needless to say, it takes an insane amount of courage to show your work to other people and expose your skills and creativity to their judgement. Keep in mind that this is an experience you can only benefit from.

5. Completely Anonymous

There is nothing easier than making a persona online and uploading your work under someone else’s name. Seeing how this method offers complete anonymity, it is something that can even work for introverts. This way, if later on you ever come to regret your choice (although there is no reason for it), you can simply back out and no one will be able to connect you with your work.

6. Internet is Objective

A lot of people claim that things said on the internet can’t be taken seriously because people online are mean. In reality, things are completely different. First of all, since people online don’t have to play nice (aforementioned anonymity), they are much more likely to be honest about their opinion. Those mean people would probably think the same thing in person as well, only lack the courage to state their honest opinion. For all these reasons, online comments are much more likely to be objective and unbiased.

7. Find Your Voice

A lot of people find a way to identify themselves with the work they create. Putting it all out there can greatly help since after you make your work public and stand behind it, you will get a completely new perspective on it. If you get some recognition or gratification for it, all the better.


Sure, all of the above-mentioned reasons were pretty idealistic although there are some more materialistic ones as well (especially if you’re not sharing your creativity for free). So, find something that fulfils you and express your feelings and thoughts through some creative work. As you can see above, there are plenty of reasons you should follow through with your plan.

About the Author: Peter is a lifestyle writer located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a trend forecaster and as a freelance writer for few local newspapers in Brisbane. Beside writing, he loves shopping, cooking exotic meals and travelling around tropical destinations. He’s future plans are in creating his personal lifestyle blog about everyday life-saving tips.

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