Thursday, 19 January 2017

Birthday Giveaway: Win a Free Digital Copy of My New Book - Lead Your Life

On the 30th of January 2016 I will be 22 years old. I would also be launching my new book: Lead Your Life.

I am a product of grace. The last 6 years of my life just like so many persons out there, has been full of failures and successes. My new book, LEAD YOUR LIFE is a broad overview of what it will take you to truly live the life you were designed for.

I am privileged to have discovered purpose at an early stage in life. All the major lessons and principles that I have learnt and aligned my life with is summed up in LEAD YOUR LIFE.

Abraham Ologundudu's New book, Lead Your Life Ebook giveaway

I started this journey at 15 with my first online community, Royal Youths Forum. It was at that point a motivational group, and we had over 600 teenagers and youths.

The following year I discovered blogging and that was the beginning of amazing things yet. My platform has evolved since then. We have birth the Leverage Conference brand and the latest is Lead Your Life Podcast.

You may not appreciate all these stories. I know the struggles I have gone through in my life. 

I was once this guy who didn't matter, who had a massive inferiority complex, and was a chronic porn addict since 12, until 15.

I have come to discover the one thing that matters most in the making of legends; It is SELF LEADERSHIP. You can only produce results that is commensurate with who you are. If you cannot lead your life, you will play catch up. and remain at the bottom of the food chain.

My life has been dedicated to helping people from all over the world harness the power of SELF LEADERSHIP. The key to national transformation is collective individual transformation. It is high time you get up an give yourself the permission to unleash you greatness.

I have decided to give away a free copy of my new book to 22 lucky winners. Yes, no beef! 22 people, because I will turn 22 on that day.

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Entering this giveaway is quite simple and straight to the point. It will run from 2oth January 2017 to 29th January 2017. 

For each entry you choose, you earn 5 points. The more your points, the more your chances to be picked winner. You can share your URL on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can even post about the giveaway on your blog and link to it using your unique URL. 

I wish you good luck!

"Be Phenomenal or be Forgotten." - John Obidi

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