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Lead Your Life: How to Guarantee Yourself an Awesome 2017

Personal leadership, personal effectiveness for 2017

Happy New Year!

 I believe there is so much excitement in the air for you. You see the new year as an opportunity for a  fresh start. Most likely, you already blast yourself with goals and resolutions, and probably feel like the incredible hulk. Anything standing on your way this year must get smashed.

However, with the passage of time, just like the previous years, a major number of people will actually disappear from the scene. The same old routine begins again.

Have you ever been in a situation where you said, "Tomorrow, I would do it differently?" And the day came, but you didn't do anything differently.

The difference between December 31st and January 1st is just time and numbers; 2016 became 2017 on your calendar. It's the same YOU!

All your habits, beliefs, behaviors, values, and even debts didn't go away because you entered into a new year. 

Your life results will be a reflection of your leadership qualities.  How well are you going to lead yourself in 2017? You are the only one that can determine if 2017 will be a fulfilling year or just another time you pass through. 

 There are ten things I believe will help you guarantee you an awesome 2017.

Ten Keys that can guarantee 2017 will be awesome

1. Stick to priorities

I suggest you get your priorities right this time. What are the things that matters most to you? What are those things that each time you neglect, you get pricked by your conscience? Is it your relationship, business, spirituality, or family? Those are the things you should care about in 2017. 

Don't scatter your energy on activities, focus on impact, productivity and fulfillment. Write down five things that if you do not get done or improve upon regardless of other achievements, would make your 2017 incomplete. Those are your priorities.

2. Stay committed to your market

Every one has a markate (in Igbo accent). What is your market? What is it that you do? Are you an entrepreneur, corporate professional, or  a student? Wherever  you belong, stay committed. Do not let each day pass without doing something significant. Be diligent and give your very best. Build your market and sell your market.

3. Give yourself permission

Dear friend, you do not need anyone's validation. Be yourself, and celebrate yourself. Give yourself the permission to succeed. Ignore the thoughts of what people will say about you. 

What are you ashamed about? Failure? Hell No! Have you ever read of any great person who didn't fail? You are royalty! Lead your life daily like you are wearing an invisible crown.

4. Develop your four intelligence

Learn to live a balanced life around your physical intelligence, mental intelligence, emotional intelligence, and spiritual intelligence.

Eat healthy, and take care of your body. The body is the only point of contact you have to this earth.      

Learn and acquire knowledge in the area of weakness. Read books, blogs, journal, magazines, etc. Be committed to draw out lessons from every event of your life.

Personal effectiveness has gone beyond having a high IQ. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the real deal. Learn how you can leverage on your emotions and that of others to become more productive.

I believe that all humans are  spirit beings, and that our true essence can only be harnessed when we collaborate with God. Get intimate with God. Ditch religion, and embrace fellowship.

5. Just do it

No stories, just results. Action is key to  everything. Stop talking about what you would do and start doing doing them. How long will you keep talking? So far, it has not produced any result. Develop a clear plan of action, and execute.

6. Get blind  

The first  five things I mentioned would only be possible and productive when you learn to go blind. Shun distractions, and get working. There is always a level of consistency needed before you can see the results. Without focus, you can not be consistent. Do not try to do many things at the same time. Pick one thing, and succeed at it before you diversify.

7. Prepare for road blocks

One reason you often get disappointed and frustrated, is that you assume all would just be a smooth ride. Absolutely not! Make plans, expect the best, but prepare for road bumps. Have an alternative course of actions for the challenges that may come your way.

8. Forgive yourself early

Avoid self pity and pity party. When you make mistakes, and things go wrong. Do not be too hard on yourself. That will only slow you down. The deed has been done. Pick yourself up, learn the lessons, forget other details, and keep moving.

9. Have a mastermind group

Avoid living in isolation. Have an inner circle of like minds, that can and will serve as a support system. Build relationships and quality networks. It is impossible to fulfill destiny alone.

10. Create time to camp

Evaluation is key to progress. Pick time out to review your actions and process. Leadership is strategic. Avoid moving aimlessly like a sheep.

I am very confident about year 2017. Last year was remarkable for me and I know it can only get better. I believe in you and what you can do. This is why I have been here this long. 

Decide to be different. Decide to be responsible. Decide to Lead Your Life, and watch how things will work out well for you.

Now tell me, what is the one thing you would do differently in 2017? Share in the comment below.             

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