Thursday, 5 January 2017

How to Apply the Law of Familiarity to Attract your Goals [Podcast]

It is a new year, and the race has begun. I am assuming you have set goals and you are really looking forward to to attract the goals into your life. Once again, you have hope that you can really make things happen in you life. Nothing can stand in your way because you are now invisible.

This is what it feel like in the heads of many at this time of the year. We all want to smash our goals and upgrade our lives. We want more money, better relationships, more accolades, more clients, and the list goes on.

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This is really a good thing. But what if I tell  you there is a way to hack your brain, so that your goal execution process becomes easier? Oh yes, there is a way.

The law of of familiarity, which is one of the six laws in Gestalt Psychology can help you create the right perception you need to succeed. Understanding this law can help you create the right experiences that will help you attract your goals.



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In this episode, you will learn about the law of familiarity, and two direct applications that will simplify the theory into practicable tips.

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