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Top 10 Popular Posts that Rocked this Blog in 2016

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Compliments of the season! I hope you are enjoying the holidays!

Every year since 2015, I compile the top 10 popular post written that year. Last year, I only picked the best five. Let's call it a yearly tradition.  

The year 2016 was quite challenging for me. However, I can say those experiences helped me discover more about myself and in the end I got better for it. 

I crafted a core message around personal leadership this year. So, we now roll with the new tag line: Lead Your Life. Speaking of that, I launched a podcast this year, called LEAD YOUR LIFE SHOW.  So far, we have done 7 episodes. I am grateful to Dayo Samuel of Audacity2Lead for helping me take that leap.

My team and I hosted the second edition of Leverage Conference this year at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Check out the Photos of Leverage Conference 2016

I also wrote a book, titled No Excuse Challenge. Make sure you download yours if you haven't. 

I can smell 2017. This year is winding up gradually! Nothing will change in the forthcoming year if you don't change. The only difference is that 6 becomes 7.

I am sure 2017 will be more awesome because I have gotten more awesome for you. Enjoy my top 10 list.

10. 12 Resourceful Nigerian Facebook Communities for Smart Entrepreneurs

The best thing you can do for yourself if you want to grow is to belong to a tribe of people who are living the picture of the kind of experiences you desire. I became an active member of some online communities this year and I decided to share my list with you. Trust me, before the end of the year, more awesome communities came up that were not part of the list. Read more...



I had an interview with Victor Ekpo Bassey, founder of HPEN. He started the highly paid experts network (HPEN) on the 5th of January 2015 with N10000 and basically built it into a multi million Naira asset in 11 months. At HPEN he is helping individuals build very influential personal brands.  Read more... 

8. Top 3 Authentic Reasons Why Passion Will Frustrate You

I discovered that a lot of persons, all in the name of passion keep hitting rock bottom, and their dreams are becoming a night mare. So I decided to share these 3 helpful tips. Passion is only a means to an end. Read more...

7. How to Take Charge of Your Low Self Esteem Problem

I received a message in my Facebook inbox. This young man is a 200 Level of Geography and Regional Planning. He wanted to know how he could overcome his timidity and feeling of inferiority. I have been asked this question several times, so I decided to turn it into a full blog post. Read more...

6. 7 Reasons You Get Frustrated in the Pursuit of Your Dreams

It seems like I like the word "frustration"? Absolutely not! But I kept observing certain trends in the way people go about their life.  Every man and woman in existence seeks for a certain level of expression. There is an innate thirst for fulfillment - to leave a legacy.
Based on my observation and research, I came up with some reasons that can make you experience ceaseless frustrations in the pursuit of your dreams. Read more..

5. From Around the Web: 10 Sensational blog posts that will help you have a spectacular 2016

As the new year buzz was dying down gradually, I decided to curate a list of blog post other awesome authors have written that could help you really have the remarkable 2016 you desired. Read more..


4. 7 Expert Entrepreneurs Reveal How to Build a Business Around Your Passion

I reached out and contacted some top entrepreneurs in different industries in Nigeria with a good track record of success to share with you secrets they discovered would make a difference for any entrepreneur just starting out. Read more...

3. 3 Ultimate Success Principles You Can Learn From Health Physics

One of the elective courses I offered in the first semester of my final year in the University was Health Physics. I picked interest in that because I spent two years trying to gain admission to study medicine and surgery but all to no avail. I eventually got offered Physics Education. From my knowledge and experience in the class, I shared 3 evergreen principles that will help you consistently live a successful life which I adapted from one of the health Physics lectures. Read more...

2. Top 40 Phenomenal Quotes That Will Teach You Self Leadership

I am on a journey to become one of the future father's of this nation and I am serious about taking many along with me. So I curated some of the phenomenal quotes from people who have directly influenced my life positively in diverse ways. While some are great quotes I found worthy of sharing with you.  Read more...

1. 32 Nigerian Inspirational/Personal Development Blogs to Follow in 2016.

In 2015, I was worried there were not enough Nigerian owned Personal Development blogs. So I started to curate lists yearly. One of the reason I have started this yearly list post is to discover more blogs in this niche, celebrate them and also encourage consistency. And so far, I discovered more blogs than I could imagine. 2017 list is also loading. Read more...

There are so many other resourceful posts I wrote but these were the ones with the highest page views.

Please share with your friends and drop a comment. Which of these ten was your favourite and why?

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