Monday, 26 December 2016

Overcoming Your Greatness Inertia - with The Oracle [Podcast]

Do you know that 99 percent of the time you are the one sabotaging your dreams? 

More often than not, you permit inertia to take its full course in your life.

Overcoming Your Greatness Inertia - with The Oracle [Podcast] picture, personal leadership

The life you live is designed to operate from inside-out. You need to discover those fundamental things that stop you from maximizing your potential. One of them is called "Greatness Inertia".


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If you don't change the things you did in 2016, your 2017 will remain the same. Absolutely nothing will change, if you do not change.

I have a guest today, who is a Spoken Word Poet. Heritage Osofowora, is a 17 year old Poet, whose stage name is "The Oracle." This Interview was inspired by his presentation at Leverage conference 2016 (Snippet at the end).  Heritage shares his insights on how you can overcome self inflicted inertia.

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