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7 Expert Entrepreneurs Reveal How to Build a Business Around Your Passion

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A good number of persons like you have certain things you are passionate about and also looking forward to make money out it. 

If you are reading this post this moment, I believe it's because you want to learn more on how to build a business around your passion.

So I reached out and contacted some top entrepreneurs in different industries with a good track record of success to share with us secrets they discovered would have made a difference for any entrepreneur just starting out.

I am glad most of them of them responded. You can be sure of getting classified information from their wealth of experience.

I asked everyone on the list one question and here it is:

"What is the one advice you would give to someone starting out newly on building a business around passion (based on your past mistake)?"

I encourage you to go through what each expert entrepreneur has shared. You don't have to make the same mistake. They have distinctively shared their minds with no reservations.

Take note that this post has tips and timeless secrets that will surely improve the way you approach your business as an entrepreneur. These entrepreneurs are very successful and have genuinely shared with us those things that will prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes.

Please take your time, go through each section and read between the lines.

NB: I have listed these entrepreneurs responses in no particular order.

#1- Victor Bassey of Highly Paid Experts Network

Founder of the highly paid experts networkMy advice would be to take the following four steps:

First, do everything possible to position yourself as an authority in your field of passion. 

Everything starts with this step. Without it you will not go very far.

Secondly, launch the right products at the right time. Positioning yourself as an authority will bring a lot of people your way. You've got to have something to offer them when they show up at your door.

Thirdly, attract and keep high value clients. This is particularly important for your commercial success

Lastly, nurture rapid growth and high performance with carefully thought out personal and business success systems. This will ensure that your success is grounded in real and not imagined potential.

These things are the only four thing to consider when building a business around your passion. Everything else is a subset of these four.

Victor Bassey is the founder of  The Highly Paid Experts Network. He helps entrepreneurs become high profile, highly paid persons of influence in their field.

#2- Dayo Samuel of Audacity2Lead

Founder, Audacity2Lead Podcast
One advice could be tricky, but here's something that would help. 
Get a coach. You won't want to spend so many months figuring your way yourself.  You don't have 100 years to grow a yard. 

With someone to hold your hand, asides the clarity a coach provides, he would hold you accountable, and that's gold on its own.

Back to building a business around passion; passion will never pay you. In fact, people won't buy your passion. 

They'll buy your products, services and programs instead. So while you're starting, learn to develop those products appropriate to your market.

If you are having issues charging money for what you do, a coach again, helps you unmask that fear, take away the sabotaging beliefs you have.
Dayo Samuel helps entrepreneurs magnetize, mesmerize and monetize their audience online. Host of #Audacity2Lead podcast and founder, Nigeria Podcast Network.


#3 - Toluse Francis of  Tolu Francis
One thing that is important for every start up is not to expect so much but again expect many things.

I remember when I started out, I was hoping people would come round me and ask for my help all the time. 

In distant time I discovered that the marketplace is crowded and I must decide myself what I want to do and how I want to do.

I sat down one day and asked myself what exactly I wanted to do with my knowledge and field. With a degree in Biochemistry and training in Mental Health and Human Nutrition, I knew I had to be decisive. 

In view of this, I tried out different aspects of health. I started with Cancer write-ups on my blog and then later moved to general health. 

But my Eureka moment came the day I wrote about Weight gain and Weight Loss. I realised lots of people had questions to ask and of course it looked lucrative but I wasn’t so comfortable as there were many people in the field already and everyone had become a weight loss Pro. 

I then decided to be the Health and Wellness Expert. In view of this, I am the guy you contact for prevention and not for correction. Today, I have been able to marry diets with mental health.
Toluse Francis is a writer and public speaker. He helps people eat healthy. He walks and works with them towards achieving a healthy eating lifestyle.


#4 - Temi Ashabi Ajibewa of Temi Ashabi

Street-Smart Bootstrapper
As an entrepreneur, there's one thing I wish I had been told/taught much earlier. Or should I say one thing I wish I had become aware of earlier in my business. 

This is the need for me to take deliberate DAILY steps towards achieving my goals. It is not enough to make goals or to even write them down. There has to be a 'running' of these goals without which they will not be worth more than the paper on which they are written on.

As an entrepreneur, you must make it a point of duty to re-visit your goals DAILY and set out DAILY activities that will get you closer to achieving these goals.

Breaking down your yearly goals into monthly and daily milestones takes out the enormity or impossibility appearance they may have. It breaks it down in piece-meal and therefore easier to achieve. After all, isn't it said that "little drops of water make a mighty ocean?"

The first month I employed this approach to my goals, I recorded over 40 percent success of my yearly goals in that one month! Needless to say, I had to go and times my goals by 10 because I suddenly had this invincible and everything-is-possible mindset.

I kept wishing I had done this much earlier in my over 10 years entrepreneurial journey. Experience is the best teacher but you don't have to go through that heart-ache yourself so learn from mine.

Temi Ashabi Ajibewa is a business and personal finance coach who helps upwardly mobile individuals to start, grow and profit from their businesses. She's passionate about bootstrapping housewives, unfulfilled employed individuals and frustrated business owners to maximise their potentials to achieve optimum profit.


#5- Remi Owadokun of TotalMakeOverProgram

TmpAcademy, TotalmakeoverprogramI would recommend firstly that the individual certifies that what he or she is experiencing is truly passion. Be certain, that it is not excitement. Be certain of your true motivation, because it is a thin line.
It is easy to confuse passion for something else. People sometimes think they are passionate, until there is fuel scarcity, or their business does not yield any results when expected. Then they look for something else to be "passionate" about. This is not passion.

Now once the individual is certain he or she is truly passionate about something that they can turn into a business, I encourage the individual to try. You never know until you try, the good thing about building a business around something you are passionate about is, you are constantly innovating and looking for ways to make it work. You wake up thinking about it, talk about it, sleep on it.

Remi Owadokun is a Certified Health Coach from the biggest Nutrition School in the world, Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Founder of the Total Makeover Program Academy, designed to help individuals irrespective of their location lose weight, stay fit, live healthy, happy & better lives. With over 102 clients in 7 countries, across 4 continents.
Remi is also an international best seller, her "tell-it-as-it-is" book "How I lost 40kg" made it to number 1 on the Amazons best sellers list in Canada in two categories (Weight loss & Weight Maintenance) and Uk in 1 category (Diet & Weight Loss)


#6 - Segun Akiode of SegunAkiode

Career Emplyability Talk
To build a business around your passion is good but you would need more than passion to be successful. You need to add knowledge and market place intelligence to your passion.

You will need to ask critical questions. Is the market willing to pay for my passion? When is the time the market would be ready? How much can they pay? 

What time would the market be set? How will my passion be packaged before taking it to the market?

Segun Akiode is a born teacher, a Chemical Engineer turned Career and Employability Coach. He has HR related experience covering talent acquisition, HR consulting and HR generalist.


#7 - Esohe Igbinoba of Global Brand Network

Founder, The Global Brand Network.
Well If I’m to look back on my journey as Founder, The Global Brand Network, running an online community and building a coaching and consulting business…I’ll say HIRE A PROVEN COACH from the onset. 

It may be a bit expensive, but trust me the transformation you would encounter and the acceleration your business would experience would be more than worth your investment.

Secondly, build and leverage relationships. As a young thought leader or expert trying to build brand awareness around who you are and what you do, alongside a profitable online/offline business, YOU NEED PEOPLE. 

No matter how smart you are, you need the expertise and experience of others. There are competencies you have no business acquiring like legal consultancy, business accounting, branding, business strategy, social media strategy, etc. 

As you need these services, find people in your network who can do it for free or at a discount based on their relationship with you. It will reduce your overhead cost and give you the necessary support you need to fast-track the “seeding” period of your business.

The seeding period is the time you invest a lot and reap little or nothing. This is the period where you put yourself out there, giving out free content and services. To be able to build your Know, Like and Trust factor.

Lastly, find a TEAM. A small group of people who believe in your vision and can help you achieve your goals on a low budget or based on value exchange. These folks can benefit from your services, experience, relationships and in exchange they render their services to you.

If you start out with a proven coach, a support system, and a core team, you will grow faster and build and sustain a profitable global brand.

Esohe Igbinoba is an enterprising young professional with over three years of experience in marketing, sales, project management and branding. She’s also the Founder, The Global Brand Network, an online community where she provides useful information and helps experts and service-based businesses to communicate effectively with their audience to build brand authority and a highly profitable global brand.

This is where I draw the curtain on the expert view to help you build a business around your passion.

I believe the information shared by these entrepreneurs has been of great help to you. The major drive behind this is to create a platform for you to connect with them on a personal level.

So you can contact those you know can be of further help to you. If you do it correctly, they would be willing to work with you. You can start here by interacting with them here by leaving a comment.

In conclusion, I am sincerely grateful to everyone on the list. I know how busy your schedules are but you created time to provide this valuable content to help others. I appreciate your time. Thanks again for taking time to reply my mail.

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