Friday, 4 March 2016

6 Life Saving Tips for Maximum Internet Productivity

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The Internet contains a large compendium of various kinds of information. The truth is that there is too much to consume.

While there are so many positive use for the Internet, you can also get caught clicking links all day without doing anything fulfilling especially when you have nothing doing.

It is important to be intentional and purposeful in your usage.

I believe young people (Teenagers and youths) might be the most victim of this.

I just shared below briefly 6 ways to be productive on the web. I called them life saving tips because of how much importance I place on the use of time.

#1. Learn a skill/take a course

There are many free resources on online that will help you develop skills that can make you more productive and valuable. These skills might be useful at home, work or school.

In these tech age, there is absolutely no excuse for not knowing how to do something you desire. It might be coding, graphics illustration, makeup or even photography.

There are tons of websites and blogs offering both free and paid offering all the information you need. Just make a search on Google or any other search engines.

For example of you want to learn coding Skills, sites like,,, and are good places to start with.

#2. Develop your talent

Everyone has at least one talent and it must be developed. If you are great at singing, writing, poetry or even organising you should spend time expanding your capacity.

In whatever thing you are good at doing naturally, you will find thousands of  websites that will offer you valuable resources to become better.

#3. Watch mind blowing TED Talks

I believe is one of the best things that have happened to the Internet. Different people from around the world share amazing thoughts and ideas that  sparks innovative conversations.

You can find Ted videos that cut across various fields. It should be a must-do on your list.

#4. Make Money

The Internet is full of so many money making opportunity. There are several persons who earn six figures right from the comfort of their homes. Instead of roaming around, research on how you can be a partaker of the Internet Wealth. Wherever humans gather, there is wealth there.

You can start a blog, establish you offline business online, sell your stuffs, or even offer freelance services. There are no limits to the way you can make money online.

#5. Contribute to the Internet

Whatever you see on the Internet is someone's work (good or bad). You can be part of the millions on people sharing valuable information online that is helping solve problems. It's possible to be a contributor on and you can help answer questions, edit and update pages.

Starting a blog to share expert thoughts in your field or sharing lessons from life experiences is another way to be a contributor.

You can search for more websites that allows contributors. There are so many that are willing to pay you.

#6. Fight for a cause

The Internet has been a veritable tool to give our voice to various events and movements from governments, organisations and individuals. On  Twitter, you can spark a conversation that can go viral and trend using hashtags.

Instead of roaming about the streets of the Internet without a definite purpose, you can be part of a larger purpose by  fighting for a cause.

It might be a cause against gender inequality, rape, lack of quality education or bad corporate governance.

Visit sites like and to see thousands of campaigns you can join or start.

Without control and focus, the Internet which is meant to make life easier for you can amazingly help you waste it. Thanks to the Internet, some people can watch porn all day or even buy illegal things on the  dark web.

You don't have to be like that. Spend your time on things that are profitable and will help you leave a good legacy.

Remember, if you waste time, you waste your life. Time is the only way we measure your existence on earth.

If you spend 10 hours daily on the Internet, In a year that will be 140 days spent on the Internet. If you would be spending that much time online, it had better be worthwhile. (Click to tweet this  Tweet: If you spend 10 hours daily on the Internet, In a year that will be 140 days spent on the Internet.

Over to you
What do you think about this post? What are the other productive ways you use the internet? Share with me using the comment form below.

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