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12 Resourceful Nigerian Facebook Communities for Smart Entrepreneurs

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Facebook is a giant social network site and undoubtedly one of the most powerful application of Internet technology. Since 2004, the billion dollar company has consistently worked towards providing better user experiences for the entire "Facebook universe".

Right here in Nigeria, people use Facebook for various things. Some are  creative, and resourceful while some are dumb.

In my own part of Facebook universe, I have amazing people building great networks/Business communities using Facebook groups.

I am not speaking of boring stuffs that are spammy but quality organised engagements that will inspire you and help you develop guts to lead your life intentionally as an entrepreneur. I belong to majority of these groups and it's been phenomenal.

The founders of these groups are creative entrepreneurs who facilitate a community of people with common interest to multiply their influence.

The founders are Nigerians but membership is not limited by nationality. Anyone can become a member. It should be noted that while you can join these groups for free and have access to the general conversation, there are also paid services. As you know it, value is not cheap.

13 Facebook Communities Owned by Nigerians for Entrepreneurs

#1. The Global Brand Network

Founder: Esohe Igbinoba
The Global Brand Network is a membership based learning network designed to help members communicate emotionally in the market place and increase sales through brand experience strategies
Esohe specializes in helping you create a brand identity that reflects your value and create that brand story that resonates with your target audience and reflects your brand. 

#2. The Internet Driven Business Academy (The Community)

Founder: Richard Okere Jr.
Internet Driven Business Academy (IDBA) is a learning and empowerment community for entrepreneurs and business owners. This is a great group to exchange ideas, strategies and resources to launch and drive your online business to achieve results.


It is the largest online network of brightest and upwardly mobile young Nigerian CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders and managers across the world. On this platform, you can promote and expand your business by effective networking.

#4. SmartBcamp: Business Community

Founder: John Obidi
The phenomenal John Obidi (a.k.a Social Media Whiz) created this platform to connect mentors to mentees and thought leaders to thought seekers. 
This group has all the juice to transform your business into Phenomenal. As a member you get access to tips, strategies and techniques to enable you dominate your marketplace.

#5. Breakthrough Academy

Founder: Arise Arizechi
The Breakthrough Academy is specifically designed for ENTREPRENEURS and people who would like to build massively profitable businesses in future. 
Breakthrough Academy is a membership-based online and offline community that is focused on helping Entrepreneurs lead highly profitable and fulfilled lives.

#6. The CEO's Network

It is a monthly interactive networking session for CEOs and entrepreneurs operating in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s 2/3 hours of informal business discussions and case studies. It’s an opportunity to meet other business owners and market your business one-on-one.

#7. The Highly Paid Experts Network

Founder: Victor Ekpo Bassey
The Highly Paid Experts Network is a membership based online/offline learning community devoted to helping you become a high profile, highly paid persons of influence in your chosen field.

#8. Nigeria Podcast Network (The Online Presentations Community)

Founder: Dayo Samuel
This community is for entrepreneurs and business owners Interested In using podcasts and online presentations to connect, engage and inspire their tribes, and market their businesses.

#9. Adre Social

Founder: Akinjobi Sodiq
AdreSocial is a community where you learn how to build online platforms, gain visibilities and drive sales.

#10. Pen and Ink Masters

Founder: Emeka Nobis
As an entrepreneur seeking to hone your writing art, this is a haven for writers. You will be taught hot to polish your craft, hone your voice, build platform, raise tribes who will buy into your works, link arms into a formidable community, and achieve legendary status.

#11. Dr. Malik's Perfect Health Community

Founder: Dr. Malik Haruna
Smart entrepreneurs care about their health. It is one of the keys to personal leadership that your whole being is in equilibrium of which your body is a part. It is an online health community where you get helpful answers, solutions, and support for all your health, weight, and sex problems.

#12. Coaches, speakers & trainers creating greater impact, influence and income

Founder: Deji Sobanjo
The group was created for coaches, speakers, trainers, authors and consultant who are driven by a passion to help others. It is alos a platform to learn and develop the skills to reach more of the right people with your solutions, to grow our influence and build a truly profitable money making business around your passion for helping others.

I believe there are more of these groups that I may not know about. Do you know any other similar Facebook group that I didn’t mention here? Please use the comment form below to let me know.

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