Wednesday, 17 February 2016


This is the second episode of our interview series and today I would be sharing some thoughts from Victor Ekpo Bassey, A business growth Strategist and founder of The Highly Paid Expert Network.

Let get started with this already.

Q: Please Introduce Yourself. Who is Victor Ekpo Bassey ( Family background, education, hobbies, etc)?
Ans: I’m from Calabar in Cross River State, Nigeria. I’m happily married to my best friend…a father to 3 amazing super smart daughters. I’m a business management graduate of the university of calabar and for fun…well…let’s just say I like enjoying myself.
Q: Tell us about your multimillion business. What do you do? How do you do it?
Ans: I started the highly paid experts network (HPEN) on the 5th of January 2015 with N10000 and basically built it into a multimillion naira asset in 11 months. At HPEN we are all about helping individuals build very influential personal brands.
Q: Let's go back to the Genesis. How did you conceive HPEN?
Ans: It started as a suggestion from a client of mine. He suggested that facebook groups were great tools for building community. At first I discounted the idea…but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. So I acted on it.
Q: So in the last one year of HPEN, what has been your challenges? How did you work around them?
Ans: The primary challenge has been building engagement. I’ve found the solution has been to remember always that you’re dealing with people and not just facebook profiles.
Q: Do you have competitors and how do you manage that?
Ans: I have a number of people trying to duplicate what I do…but that really doesn’t bother me. There’s a lot of room for serving. I just stay focused on learning and developing new and better tools for helping my clients create even better results.
Q: What kind of sacrifice(s) have you made in building your brand?
Ans: For me it’s not so much about what I had to sacrifice as it is about what I wasn’t willing to compromise on. I think it’s a big mistake to build your life around a business. Your business is supposed to serve your lifestyle not the other way round.
Q: What is that hidden mission/vision behind HPEN that people don't know about?
Ans: My ultimate goal is to raise a thousand highly paid experts who can conveniently give $100000 to fund educational projects in Nigeria.
Q: Do you have any "secret formula" behind your success so far?
Ans: Never stop learning…never stop growing

Q: So before HPEN, what were you into?
Ans: I’ve been in quite a number of businesses. I still am.
Q: You were once on The Smart Business Teleseminar by John Obidi and you mentioned once being a butcher. That caught my attention. Can you share some of those experiences of this humble beginning?
Ans: Well…I wouldn’t exactly say it was a humble beginning. It was a very profitable business until my stupidity killed it.
Q: I know you coach people but what impact has your business made on you so far?
Ans: It opens me up to even more opportunities for making a difference.
Q: Tell us the importance of having a coach especially as a youth?
Ans: Having a coach isn’t important. A lot of people have achieved success without one. What’s really important is having relationships that support and enable the vision you have for yourself.
Q: What is your life mission? What do you want to be remembered for?
Ans: I want to be known as the man who reshaped the expert industry in Nigeria.
Q: Do you always have to build a business around what you love?
Ans: Not necessarily. But doing what you love and getting paid for it has it’s advantages.
Q: We would like to know your definition of success
Ans: Doing what you love, with people you like, exactly how you like.
Q: What would you consider has your greatest milestone?
Ans: Marrying my wife.
Q: Whose works inspires you that you follow closely?
Ans: Janet Switzer.
Q: Do you have mentors and/or coaches?
Ans: Janet Switzer
Q: What do you see as the next phase in the coaching profession in Nigeria?
Ans: I believe the future is in the smart commercialization of thought leadership…not coaching.
Q: in the midst of economic downtime, there are a couple of people like you who still have an edge. What would you say is the differential factor?
Ans: Ever increasing commitment and confidence. Every breakthrough I’ve ever had can be traced back to a definite decision to head in a specific decision in spite of fear or the distinct lack of ability. That decision leads to the courage need to develop capabilities that develop courage and the ability to make even bigger commitments and decisions.
Q: What is your advice for young people like me who are aspiring to become influential coaches, trainers, Consultants, etc?
Ans: Get good, get known and get paid
Q: Please share a word of inspiration to my readers
Ans: Every experience you’ve ever had…good or bad has commercial value. You just need to learn how to position, package and promote it.

Thank you very much Coach. It was a great time with you.

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Vee N Ric said...

How are you?
Prior to today,
Have never heard of Victor.
But perhaps yes,
There is meaning to what Victor says in that
Every experience you've ever had,
Has a commercial value.
Enjoyed reading the interview.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a nice week.

Ikechi Awazie said...

Hi Abraham

I have never heard of Victor till today. His exploits are so interesting. He really is an inspiration.

Thanks for sharing

Abraham Ologundudu said...

Hello Ikechi

Great to have you here. Victor is really an inspiration and a result oriented man. I recommend you join the Facebook community.

Thanks for your comment.

Abraham Ologundudu said...

Hello Vee

Indeed. There is meaning to what he said. I am glad you enjoyed it.