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From Around the Web: 10 Sensational blog posts that will help you have a spectacular 2016

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It's #Day25 of 366 days. The excitement of the new year is still buzzing. It's already a fresh start for so many. To some, it is a clean slate to make right the wrongs of 2015 while some others see it as an opportunity to level up on their previous success.

Before I get down  with this amazing roundup post, I would like to share with you what matters most this year.

Do you know what matters most this year? It's very simple but yet many ignore it. It is what will account for all that will transpire in the next 341 days left of this year.

This factor will determine if you will be proud of your self or angry at yourself by Dec 31st 2016.

The one and only thing that will matter is YOU!

What will you be willing to sacrifice to live the life you truly desire?

Yes, I know that the God factor is very significant, but you can only take a horse to the river but you can't force it to drink.
Are you ready to face your fears?
Are you ready to rise above your mental limitations?
Are you willing to press on towards your purpose? Have you found your own unique voice?

Are you ready to surrender instant gratification for future celebration?

To be more specific...

Are you ready to finish writing that book you abandoned?
Are you ready to start that business?
Are you ready to propose to that woman?
Are you ready to step up with your studies and make the grades you desire?
Well, the only true test of readiness is during the game! You can't say you are ready and stay still. How do we know you are ready?

As an introvert, I often suffer from the perfectionist syndrome. I always have nice plans in my head but never seem to get started because I always have a better version that keeps evolving.
I had to learn to break free. I have not mastered it fully but the difference between now and then is that I am very much aware of the dangers of having ideas that never get executed.

Are you aware of your limitations? Are you willing to stretch yourself beyond your present limits?

Your answers will go a long way to determine what your end will be like this year.

Are you going to sit there and believe that you are a loser because you failed once or twice or are you going to rise and defend the champion in you?

What you do this year is what matters. God's grace is available in abundance but nothing will work until you walk into it by faith.
Do not let past experiences determine what you will become. Don't restrain your awesomeness. Make that decision today to be committed to your purpose.

Anyway before it looks like I gave a misleading post title, let's get quickly to them.

#1. Why I Don't Believe in Making New Year Resolutions

Setting  resolutions at the beginning of every year has become a cliché. Award winning Internet Marketer, Iyabo Oyawale shares some inspiring insights into why she doesn't believe in setting new year resolutions. She believes they are overrated. Why not learn from her.


Still on the issue of new year resolutions, it was also contested by Miss Purple Heart. Is having resolutions a yes or a no? Find out in her post.


Speaking of plans of this 2016, Award winning Sisi Yemmie defined hers has intentional living. You might want to learn from her and be inspired to Succeed.

#4. 29 Things You Should Do This Year!

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Shola Okubote at ( Yeah! You guess right. It's strictly women affairs) shared 29 things she believes we can do this year. If you are not married, I'd advice you to stay away from number 3 on her list.

#5. How to Say No (Without Guilt or Being a Jerk)

I really recommend this post. We all have those moments when we ought to say No but don't want to hurt someone and end up totally going way beyond our will. Betsy Talbot on The change blog shares with us that it's safe to say No sometimes and she gave great hints on how to do that without feeling guilty.

#6. 7 Things To Say NO To In 2016

It's maybe very good to learn to say know to people, but if you want to get your desired results that will bring fulfillment to you, Theo Eliss at shares 7 things you have to say no to in your life this 2016

#7. 5 Ways To Achieve Results And Exceed Your Goals in the New Year

Many talk about meeting up with Goals, but Ruth Zubairu writes on how to exceed those goals you have set. 

#8. Uduak Ubak s Blog: One Way To Make The Most of 2016

The measure of life is time and you need to make the most out of 2016. It's just 29, 462, 400 seconds (341 days) away.


I believe that waking early in the morning can help you become more productive. Just in case you have troubles waking early, Michael Hyatt podcast can really help you with that.

#10. 2016 STRATEGIC BUSINESS GROWTH GUIDE: 5 Killer Activities to Grow your Business this Year 

Tito Philips is a great entrepreneur with track records of achievements. He shares some amazing tips to help make
you more strategic with your business this 2016. This is also a must read.

I hope you enjoyed the list. So back to my earlier discussion.

Take steps daily this 2016. No matter how small. Whatever you focus on will grow. Do not allow negative thoughts choke your great ideas.

Make up your mind to be #Committedtopurpose

PS: If you find it difficult to work towards your goals or you need help to gain clarity about your life, let me help you. Send me a mail.
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I love feed backs, let me know what you plan doing to make 2016 different. Drop your comments below.

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