Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Get Creative While Planning Your Family Reunion

Guest post by Britney Marie Chan

You don't have to wait for a wedding or a funeral to reconnect with the aunts, uncles, cousins, and second-cousins you've lost touch with over the years. Many families connect through family reunions every other year.

According to statistics from grouptravel.org, the average reunion has between 50 and 150 guests, with up to five generations attending.

Family Reunion
It seems like a massive undertaking at first, but there's no reason for you to do it alone.

If you and a few other family members want to plan a reunion, you'll need to start thinking about it over a year in advance.

Then, start getting the word out and get as much help as possible from other relatives who might be able to contribute time, money, and ideas. Once you family reunion starts coming together; you'll be surprised how exciting it can be.

Thinking Location

Nearly 70 percent of family reunions are held in the summer, for obvious reasons. It's easier for families with children to travel in the summer months, and there's also better access to parks and other outdoor locations that work well for gatherings of so many people.

If you're going to plan so far in advance and invite everyone to fly in from many different locations, you want to have as much variety in your activities as possible.

Family reunions are unique because they can include everyone from babies to centenarians, and you want to make sure they can all be comfortable.

That's why you should think big - family friendly resorts, mountain lodges, or even casinos. Some fantastic nature spots offer cabins designed for reunions that will sleep over 50 people.

Food and Entertainment

Whether you choose a glamorous resort or a quiet nature spot, there should be an organized schedule of activities.

The family members who help organize can each lead an activity they enjoy, whether it's sports and outdoor fun, sightseeing and shopping, or simply staying inside cooking and looking at photo albums.

The schedule you write up as a team should offer several different choices of activities for mornings and afternoons, but make sure and allow for plenty of free time and evenings where everyone can dine together.

It can be hard to figure out how much food you need if you're planning to pay for catering or cook yourselves on certain days. Drawing up a menu is part of planning, and if your family puts a lot of value on their home-cooked meals, allow for plenty of time in the kitchen.


Getting Revenue


Mommaerts Family Reunion 2010 565You may be surprised to learn nearly 70 percent of family reunions charge entrance fees, which is the main way the planning team makes their money back.

But if you're uncomfortable with that idea, simply asking for donations is a smart alternative.

 In the beginning stages, many family members will be interested in contributing their time and money to throwing a great reunion.

The ones who aren't may lend a hand during festivities once they see the results of all your cost and planning.

About 15 percent of reunions make money off of souvenir sales such as family t-shirts and custom DVDs of home movies.

These souvenirs can be affordable to make, and there's nothing wrong with asking for $5 to take them home. You can even designate a camcorder operator during the reunion and make DVDs later on, whether as a souvenir or just a great memento.
Planning a family reunion is a tough job for one person, so make sure you ask for help and take everyone's ideas into account.

Your family is unlike any other, so your reunion should be a celebration of your identity and your varied lives all around the country or the world.

It can be hard trying to make one event work for everyone, but getting back in touch with the people you should never lose touch with is one of the most rewarding investments you can make.

Over to you

How do you  handle family reunion's especially a large one?  

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