Friday, 13 September 2013

Disadvantages of Study Groups

When learning in the University, Students join Study groups. An ideal study group should comprise of four to six students. Any more than that becomes a crowd.

Study groups environment offers student the chance to engage in more in-depth discussion with peers, sharing information and knowledge about a course collectively enrolled in.

I'm in my second year in college and I must say that I enjoy group study. Especially when I have the right persons with me but we would quite agree that there are some loopholes attached to it.

Depending on the members and atmosphere, study group sometimes can pull a student down.

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Listed below are some reasons I would give if I'm asked not to recommend study groups to a student

Four reasons why Study Joining a study group could be a curse

1.    Unnecessary Chats

This happens most of the time. I have seen people in study groups chat, crack jokes, and make unnecessary gestures throughout the time.  Most times, majority would like to be in the same study group with friends.

This is an opportunity to strike a conversation with friends. Collectively, everyone is meant to agree on a course to discuss. An Unmotivated or under-prepared group can turn into one long gossip session.

2.    Weaker members may suffer

If there is a weak member, they always tend to rely on the strength of the better members.

The cognitive psychologists place much emphasis on thinking, creating and solving problem.

In group study, the weaker ones may not have the drive to think and work out solutions on their own. 

3.    It can make you lazy

If you are not disciplined, you might become a victim.  I knew someone who joined a study group and whenever he comes across a challenging exercise in his textbook he would always leave it till his study group meeting.

I would say that is laziness. Study groups can make you more dependent.

4.    Personal study dies

In a case where members of the group meet every day, there is a high probability that most people will deny themselves of personal study. This could be as a result of fatigue.

How to get the most out of studying

Updated! 16-04-2015

Top 2 online study groups you can join

1. Open Study
2. Study Blue

As I said earlier, group study is great. There is a need to associate with like minded people that will help you improve on your grades.

In the midst of these little disadvantages, having a personal goal and objective per meeting will help reduce the risk of talking and wasting of time. See your study group as an organization that must yield profit and the end.

Over to you
What do you think about this post? Do you belong to a study group? How do you cope? Comment below.


James Melbin said...

Yes, due to these reasons group reading may not be advisable. But apart from these group reading is good, right?

Ologundudu Opeoluwa Abraham said...

Hi james

yes. apart from this, study group is good.