Tuesday, 23 October 2012

9 Common Habits That Prevents You From Accomplishing your Dreams

"If you've got a dream, protect it."  
This statement caught my attention the moment I heard it. Will smith was having a dad to son talk with his biological son Jaden Syre Smith in the movie "pursuit of happyness" when he made a statement which I quoted above.

lightened dream, accomplish your dreams

 This got me thinking and I realized that sometimes it’s not that you and I don’t have dreams but the problem is that we fail to protect it. 

The first step which is very important is to have dreams, set goals, make plans for the future, etc. It doesn’t end there. Your dreams are like eggs. It has to be nurtured. Catered for and make sure it gets all the protection it gets. 

There are lots of things we often do that can harm our dreams, aspirations, goals, and objectives. I made a list of a few things that are harmful to our dreams.


#1: Procrastination

A productive man is one who respects time. Procrastinators never respect time. To keep your dream alive, you need to maximise every moment of your life. 

If you are waiting for the perfect time, you may never get anything done. To make progress, you must actually get started. Procrastination is accumulating in nature. 

Someone said “when duty comes knocking at your gate, welcome him in; for if you bid him wait, he will depart only to come once more and bring seven other duties to your doors.” 

Pile up the days and it’ll make a disastrous year. Lazy people always have more doing tomorrow. 

There is enough time to do whatever. 24 hours is enough to dig it. The best time to get started on that dream of yours is NOW!


#2: Laziness

 One thing I’m certain about is that a lazy man will spend all the days of is life dreaming if he doesn't change. It's not enough to dream. It doesn't end there. 

 There must be a constant effort to change your dreams to reality. This comes with a great price. It won't come to you on a platter of gold. You have to start something. 

Make a move. A lazy man is not far from procrastinating. Jimmy Lyons said "tomorrow is the only day in the year that appeals to a lazy man." How true. A lazy man never gets something done. He starts and doesn't complete. 

A lazy man should learn a lesson from the way ants live. They have no leader, chief, no ruler, but they store up their food during the summer the winter. A lazy man is an undisciplined man.

#3: Indiscipline

Acquisition of discipline holds the key to dreams and aspiration. It is possible that you've come to consensus with yourself about what you want to do with your life and still not spur into action. 

This is not because you don't have what it takes but because you've failed to train yourself to the required position that will help you accomplish that goal.

 A student who is determined to make a first class Honor in the university should be able to deprive himself/herself from some night sleep. 

We commonly refer to it as “burning the midnight candle.” It might be difficult at first, but that's why it's called discipline. 

A disciplined man has a direction and focus. Our disciplined self is the bridge between our thoughts of success and the accomplishment.

 Which means the more disciplined we are, the greater the possibilities that our thoughts will become a reality. 

Discipline attracts opportunity.

  "Discipline is the only thing that will do it. It is the only vehicle for real progress. If there is one thing to get excited about, it’s discipline. Get excited about your ability to do the necessary things for growth."  - Jim Rohn

Without discipline your goals and aspirations become elusive.  


#4: Fear

In this life, we are often faced with fears that come in various forms. These fears do nothing than rob us of our sense of belonging. 

The annoying part is that those things that we count as fears were never there. They are just illusions that we created. 

Our fears could be numerous. I’ll highlight two common fears I know that is harmful to our dreams.


Fear of Failure

 The only way to conquer your fears is to face it. If you're not strong willed, you’ll forgo the vision of building your own empire. 

You’ve got to face it head to head (like a rock bender). There’s no shortcut. Be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts

If you keep thinking about failure, you’ll end up living your whole life in failure.

Louis Boone said “Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things.” 

Thomas Edison, known for his successes not his failures reflected, “People are not remembered by how few times they failed, but by how often they succeed.” 

Well, if you have no success stories, people will definitely remember you for your failures when you’re gone. Think of it.

If the Wright brothers didn’t keep trying, man flying today might still be a dream. If you’re ready to trade your dreams for reality, get into the market now!


Fear of Rejection

One fact I know is that sometimes your ideas won’t be accepted at first. Not because they hate you, but because you’ve not convinced them enough. 

All you need to do is to devise strategies to convince the world. Don’t try to impress. The best way to attract people attention to you is to succeed.

So many great works and technology advancement on earth were once a crazy idea to the world. Some experts might say “oh! Forget it. It’ll never work.” 

How can you be so sure it won’t work when you haven’t made attempt. If you succeed, the world will have no choice but to acknowledge you and accept your idea.  
“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”~ Dale Carnegie
fear, face it

FEAR has two meaning:

Forget Everything And Or
Face Everything And Rise.
The choice is yours!

#5: Doubts

Shakespeare called it a traitor. Edwin Akpan called it the greatest barrier to success. One reason why you doubt is because you don’t trust yourself. 

You have got to do all it takes for you to believe in yourself. Doubts will make us lose what we might win, by fearing to attempt. One way to counter your doubts is by speaking positively to yourself. 

Tell yourself I CAN DO IT BECAUSE I’VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES. In every man, there is a drop of greatness. 

John Mason said “too many people over value what they aren’t and under value what they are.” How true.

Why are you seeing yourself as incapable when you are full of unlimited potentials? One becomes the enemy of oneself when one allows doubt into the mind.  


#6: Improper planning

In all that you want do in life, no matter what it is; there must be a level of preparation. You can’t achieve greatness by chance. It’s a choice that you’ve got to make. 

Poor preparation precedes poor performance. Likewise, proper preparation prevents poor performance.  

There is no shortcut to the land of success. 

You’ve to struggle through the narrow and crooked path. If you don’t plan well, you might not survive the journey.

I read in a book that the very reason you are clamouring for a second chance is because you did not prepare well the first”. Improper planning will never let you complete the journey you started. 

#7: Lack of commitment

I know you have dreams. If you love your dreams, you’ll remain committed to it. John mason said “one person with commitment, persistence, and endurance will accomplish more than a thousand people with interest alone.”

#8: Insufficient knowledge

“To gain knowledge, you got to study, if you want anything, study it. If you want to be successful, study success. If you want to be happy, study happiness. If you want to make money, study the acquisition of wealth.”  - Jim Rohn

Your goal, vision, or dream comes first. The next question will be “how do I go about it?” Gather information. Make researches. 

Ask questions. Has anyone done what I’m about to do? Did they fail? What were there mistakes? How did they go about it? 

When you ask questions, you save time. 

“What you know will determine the extent you can go. You never go above you knowledge.”- Pastor Adeboye
Which means what you don’t know brings a limitation to your life. The more ignorant you’re, the more limited you’ll be and the less value anybody can derive from you.

#9: Loose Tongue

Who do you share your dreams with you? There are so many people around you pretending to be your friends. There are wolves in sheep clothing. 

They are around you whether you believe it or not. They are among us. You can’t share your dream with anyone until it has been properly shielded. 

There is a place to share your dream but it mustn’t be done carelessly. Your dream is not meant for everybody. 

You can’t afford to lose your dream. Some will try to steal your idea. Some will try to take your life.

 Peter Omotemehin said “your idea, dream, talent and potentials need a right environment to thrive.” He also reflected “you don’t really need many people in order to be successful but a few people who are believers in your dream.”

It is enough to have to have ideas, dreams, and goals but also one must have enough reason to back it up. 
A goal without a purpose is like a plane without a pilot. It’s dangerous. 

Clearly knowing you reasons for the goal will invest your actions with extraordinary energy and determination. When you have a purpose for pursuing a dream, you do will all it takes to make it a reality.   

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I just love this. Appreciably right on point. Thanks and more greese! I am really inspired.

Ologundudu Opeoluwa Abraham said...

Hi Obuasi. Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you're inspired. You can subscribe to our blog to get new updates. Shalom.

Kola said...

great thoughts. found you thorough your comment on the change blog. keep up the great work and positive energy

Ologundudu Opeoluwa Abraham said...

thank you kola. I'm glad you dropped by.

Daayur said...

good post with high motivational stuffs

Ologundudu Opeoluwa Abraham said...

thank you Mr daayur

Anonymous said...

great work...tnk u for doing this...more inspiration from Heaven

Ologundudu Opeoluwa Abraham said...

Thank you @anonymous. The soul of man always need inspiration to function well.

DA KING said...

Dreams are like eggs with endless potential of fruitfulness but when not protected, the pythons of fear and all the killers above swallow them. This is a tragedy of colossal proportions! Quite revelatory this. thanks bro!

IsaacSogo said...

The greatest tragedy in life is not death,but a life without a purpose.A purpose-driven life will always have their dream realistic rather than being idealistic.Thanks bro.for such a nice piece.More grace

Peace Itimi said...

"If u have a dream, protect it"
Thanks 4 this.

Ologundudu Abraham said...

Hi King

Yes we can compare our dreams with eggs. Very fragile and sensitive but full of life. We must protect that life.

Ologundudu Abraham said...

Hey Isaac, Great quote,
The purpose of life is too live a life of purpose. Everyone would die but the issue is how well we lived our lives.

Ologundudu Abraham said...

You are welcome peace

Omitogun Abolaji said...

This is super fresH... Thanks

Ologundudu Abraham said...

Thanks bolaji.

Sam Adeyinka said...

Hey Abraham,

It's good to see this great and massive post, thanks for sharing it with me on Twitter.

After all said and done, a life without purpose is a life full of sorrow, crushed destinies, shattered hope and so on.

Every man is created with a purpose because Gos is a personality with a strong purpose who won't do anything without his purpose being involved.

I have since come to a conclusion that when purpose is present in the life of any individual he breaths his dreams out. Which therefore make him a source of blessings to his generation and even those yet unborn. You would agree with me that purpose and dreams, that is vision works intertwined with each other. They cannot be separated.

Abraham, you have mentioned some of the habits that won't allow one to achieve excellence. Thumbs up bro!

Thanks for sharing it and do have yourself a magical day ahead. :)


Ologundudu Abraham said...

Hi Sam, It's good to see you here.

Truly, anyone not living a life of purpose is merely existing and is prone to confusion and depression.

I guess you you wanted to say God. Indeed God does everything with a purpose.

Purpose begets dreams/visions. A man of vision is profitable to his society. Purpose, dreams, vision can't be separated. They are dependent on each other.

Thanks for honoring my invitation bro.