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  • 18 April 2016

    The 5 Core Factors that Determine Your Daily Productivity

    Be productive, protitize, peak performance

    You and I are faced with the task of staying productive daily. We want to produce results that will equal or exceed our needs without wearing out.

    It could be raising a family, coping with 9-5 job, running a company, leading a team, supervising a project or even studying for an examination. To you, it may be some or all of the above-mentioned and lots more.

    Well, I have discovered that the key to living productively is to primarily pay attention to your human make-up. You are neither a robot nor a puppet. You are spirit, soul and body comprised.

    Your productivity depends on how you nuture all parts of you. Your spirit is the seat of conscience. Your soul comprises of the mind (mental intelligence), heart (emotional intelligence) and will. Your body is the physical intelligence.

    Ignore one part and it will affect every other area.

    I have some really good information that will help you maximize your productivity.

    By daily attending to these parts of you that you have control over, you can gradually influence other areas of your concern.

    #1. Physical Factor

    You need to take proper care of your body. Ensure you eat the right kind of foods. Set aside time to get sufficient rest and relaxation. Schedule exercises on a regular basis.

    If you are intentional with this, you will be able to prevent various health problems and crises. These health issues most times come to you a natural result of your negligence.

    You say there's no time? Be careful not to misplace priority. When you don't treat your body right, you will be forced to make out time later.

    For a couple of weeks in February, I experienced frequent fatigue. I would always fell sleepy. Getting of bed was a big problem. My concentration was poor. I made enquiries only to find out that my carbohydrates intake was excessive.

    So I changed my eating pattern. Since then I have been more productive and I get off bed strong and with a sound mind.

    Have a zero tolerance for quick fix by dealing with what is important

    #2. Spiritual Factor

    Your spirit is the seat of your conscience. That is the place where leadership flow out from if properly nurtured.

    It is the centre of your value system. It's supreme and important. Your imagination comes from there.

    Many people have different ways of doing that. Personally, praying and studying my Bible daily is my way of nurturing my spirit. I re-affirm my value system.

    Seriously, there are times when I feel down internally due to some major challenges. Studying and meditation from the Bible gives me strength and renewal.

    I become recommitted to fulfill purpose.

    I also recommend you should often find time to stay away from noise. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on certain things without distractions.

    Listening to the right kind of music can help.

    Prayer is a great source of power in releasing and multiplying energy.

    It's a place for private victory. Many people are struggling with various things because they have a broken spirit.

    A healthy spirit conquers adversity,
    but what can you do when the spirit is crushed? - Proverbs 18:14 (MSG)

    Take time to draw leadership from the centre of your life.

    #3. Mental Factor

    You develop your mental intelligence (centre of reason & logic) by studying.
    Engaging your mind in serious study, analysis, often helps you develop your mind.

    Your ability to handle daily challenges also depends on how developed you are mentally.

    As you think so you are. Some people go
    all the way to give more time to watching television than their personal and work life.

    What do you feed your mind with? Are you feeding on things that will enrich your purpose and goals?

    Expose yourself to information that will help you achieve your goals and broaden your horizon.

    Tap into the minds of others by reading books.

    Keep a journal. Writing helps you articulate your thoughts. It helps declutter your mind and gives you clarity.

    You should also practice the art of visualising. Win in your mind.

    Get educated about family, relationship, etc.
    The strength of your mind will determine how you handle difficult challenges.

    #4. Emotional Factor

    Emotional intelligence has to do with how you relate with others.

    It helps you listen to understand and not to give a reply.

    "Emotional Intelligence involves a combination of competencies which allows a person to be aware of, to understand, and to be in control of their own emotions, to recognise and understand the emotions of others, and use this knowledge to foster their sucesss ans sucesss of others " - MTD Training (Sean Mcpheat)

    When you master your emotions, you can leverage it to your advantage.

    Understanding your feelings, motivation and fears will help you find the right actions to take.

    For example; in the case of anger. You will be able to identify the root cause.

    You feel free, connected, self control, fulfilled, focus and aware of yourself.

    A developed emotional intelligence will help you interact with people better.

    Take heed to also steer clear fron emotion killers include such as criticising and complaining.

    #5. Environment (external) Factor

    I included this because we have certain places that we work best. Some persons can't do anything in an untidy work space while some can cope.

    You should understand what environmental condition(s) make(s) you perform at your peak. Make a conscious effort to become aware of your emotional triggers.

    I have friends who have to plug in headphones with loud music before they can read a book. They do both at the same time without distractions.

    For me, I can't. It's true that I can develop that mental coordination but I work best in a solace environment.

    What are the things you do that makes you be on top of your game daily?

    Humans have this unique ability. It's called self awareness. For example, you can be aware of your own thinking process.

    The point here is for you to discover your creativity and productivity triggers and consciously recreate the same environmental condition over again.

    Your life starts from within. So pay more attention to yourself. Treat every part of your with care and you can begin to produce better results daily.

    Over To You
    Are there any other aspects I didn't mention? Reply with a comment below.

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    13 April 2016

    3 Warning Signs Your Independent Will is Inactive

    Deliberate living, self leadership

    For a couple of weeks we have been dealing with the principle of intentional living. It's based on the fact that we are a product of our choices. One of the innate endowment by God is that you have an independent will.

    Independent will is the ability to choose your response to any circumstance, free from external influences.

    The major problem is that a lot of people allow circumstances to drive them about. Little things come their way and they just follow the flow without thinking through.

    I want to share 3 symptoms you might experience daily that will help you indicate if your independent will is active. It will you know if you really take charge of your life or you get tossed around.

    Let's begin...

    #1. The Volcanic Symptom

    Whenever you get angry at every slightest opportunity, you are showing the volcanic symptom. Whenever pressure sets in, you always erupt all your emotions in full force.

    As a leader or your "YOUniverse", you need to be in control of your emotions. Your conscience should be the dominant voice. Developing your emotional intelligence is one of the biggest investment you can make on yourself.

    " Keep your temper; nobody wants it."- John Mason

    If you want to have an effective and healthy relationship, you have to take deliberate effort to deal with your anger issues.

    Never say "they keep getting on my nerves." You are the only one capable of allowing people get to you. You have control. You are the product of your choice.

    Don't be too selfish by thinking of yourself all alone. You are always saying:

    "I don't like the say he talks to me."
    "I don't like the way she looks at me."
    "I don't like the way he closes the door."
    "I don't like the way she approaches me."

    It's about you all the time.

    Your anger trigger is to notify you about hurts and offences but not to be used to terrorize everyone. If everyone on earth have chronic anger issues, we should be on extinction by now.

    When people notice the weakness, they can seek to get you angry deliberately. They control you. Personally, I believe 90% of the things we get angry over could have been avoided.

    The issue might have been that:

    • There was a communication barrier.
    • You don't understand the other party personality.
    • You weren't really listening.
    • Different paradigms/perceptions.
    • You were dominating your view.
    • You never sought to understand first.    
    You are a leader of yourself first. Self control is a priceless virtue to imbibe.

    #2. The Sunburn Symptom

    You know how some people's skin are quite sensitive to the sun and often get burns? Yes. You might also be living a reactionary life. Every situation tends to burn you out.

    Reactive people always base their emotions on what people do to them. If people treat you well, you feel well. If people don't treat you as you expect, you don't feel well.

    You have built your emotions around the behaviours of other people. You have empowered other people to have control.
    It shows that you are driven by circumstances, conditions, people and environment.

    Reactive people just follow status quo. You do not always believe that you can do something to a situation. Most of your actions are born out of the fact that you have no choice.

    Again, you are made to have control over your choices. You can take initiatives by yourself. You can choose to be proactive rather than reactive.

    When you are proactive, you take total responsibility for yourself. You can choose to be driven by your own value system. You can think things through even though there are conditions around you that may not be favourable. You can choose your own response.

    #3. The Crowd Symptom

    Henry is a banker with a very fine personality but has one major problem. When it comes to taking decisions, he always feel uneasy.
    He is forced to always go with his friends advice.

    He really doesn't like to go with them but it appears he just can't decide to do what he wants except his friends agree to it.

    There are so many Henry's who live on other people's opinions. There may be series of past experiences that have caused this emotional barrier. It might have been growing up with parents/guardians who are dictators.

    This is typically what I call "trade of personal power." This is when your actions are always a product of someone else's thoughts.

    You don't have to go with crowd. You can find your own voice and make your own decisions per time.

    My core message for this post is that you should deliberately use your independent will. Take charge of your circumstances by responding appropriately.

    Over To You
    Are there any other aspects I didn't mention? Reply with a comment below.

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    8 April 2016

    Download Your Free Copy of Stride Magazine-Issue 4

    Educational Nigerian Magazine

    I have my article featured on Stride Magazine about Brilliance and Intelligence. I appreciate the Editor in Chief, Ademola Ogunlade for the privilege to contribute on this platform.

    It also Featured other great leaders like Sam Neye, Adenike Adedokun and a host of others.

    Stride Magazine is a global magazine, which reviews extremely powerful contents, ranging from Ettiquette, events, movies review, Relationship, Health as well as educative and informative interviews.

    The Issue 4 cover personality is Adenike Akinsemolu. You get to read her story.

    You can have your own copy for free. There have been over 2k download from the first week of publication

    Download your free copy of Stride Magazine, Issue 4.

    Feel free to send me feedback on how helpful you find the content.
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    5 April 2016

    René Digital Hub Unveils a New Brand Story

    Social media strategy, Digital marketing

    Technology is the new oil block. With the endless possibilities available to us, many still remain ignorant. 

    I am a strong social media for social good advocate and I am so fascinated about what I can do with it. 

    Anyway, I am introducing to you today a digital marketing company by a good friend of mine. Enjoy the introduction below.

    Brand Story

    ^René [reh-NAY] | adjective: Reborn (Revive, Reignite)
    We Reignite Your Business; We bring fresh ideas and improved strategies to sustain and/or revive your business.

    ^Digital Hub | noun: An Effective Centre
    The term “Digital” doesn’t in its entirety explain what we do, but more of how we do what we do. We are the focal point of business development, digital marketing and training.

    René Digital Hub; formerly is a Digital Marketing, Business development and Consulting firm owned by two young Nigerian female entrepreneurs. It was founded in January 2016 but rebranded and officially launched in April 2016 after realizing that we are more than just digital solutions providers. And so, with a more enhanced vision and bigger dreams, Dapper24 Media solutions was reborn as René Digital Hub.

    Read more on their brand story.

    Reason for Rebranding

    On asked for their reasons for rebranding, here’s what they said:

    "A great vision gets bigger with time and always is overwhelming at first."
    Dapper24 Media solutions started as an idea; it was a great one and being risk takers we jumped in (into the crowd and into an ocean of possibilities). But as we began to learn every day, as the idea bloomed and as the vision and our understanding deepened, we realized that some elements in young and even established brands had to be tweaked immediately.
    When we saw where we were headed, where we wanted to be, what we wanted to do, what we needed to do and who we truly were, we had to rebrand!
    For us, rebranding wasn't just changing the name and changing the logo. No, it was about giving in to the enhanced vision we have been called to. This rebranding process changed everything; it changed how we saw ourselves, as individuals and as a team. It changed our brand message and promise. It changed the paths in our brand journey. It changed the name, the vision, the logo, the story, even the website interface.
    This rebranding process, changed and IMPROVED US. It has equipped us with a better vision and tools to serve you better and to take the marketplace by storm.
    Read here: Steps to take when planning to rebrand and the reasons not think about it

    Brand Philosophy and Principles

    Popularly known for our tagline, Re-ignite Your Business. We believe in limitless possibilities; and also strongly believe that we are streams of incessant creative, yet feasible ideas and strategies. And as we learn and grow as individuals and as a team, we know and believe no task would be too complex to tackle.

    Our Guiding principles are:
    Commitment to Excellence
    Customer Satisfaction
    Social Responsibility.


    René Digital Hub is equipped with some of the best minds and serial entrepreneurs and is dedicated to helping you through tasks, strategies, and processes with the aim of developing and implementing growth opportunities within your business. They offer a wide range of services which covers the spectrum of the promotion, marketing and consulting processes online and offline.

    Services they offer include but are not limited to:
    ♦ Business Development
    ♦ Social Media Marketing
    ♦ Entertainment PR
    ♦ Digital Marketing
    ♦ Strategy Development
    ♦ Training

    Their target market/clients includes;
    ♦ Individuals (Entrepreneurs, Small business owners, Writers, Musicians, Students etc.)
    ♦ Start-ups (Startups seeking development strategies and exposure)
    ♦ SMEs & Multi-Nationals (Companies seeking for further direct target marketing and market penetration).

    Pros & Cons

    ^Their services are versatile, tailored and highly affordable
    ^No matter how simple or complex the project is, they are committed to giving their best and producing excellent results.
    ^They understand that the customer is King, hence are committed to putting clients first and building long lasting and strong relationships with them.
    ^They always add elements of uniqueness and creativity to every project and campaign they are faced with.

    There is a high probability you would get addicted to their impeccable and well-delivered services. But hey, that’s a “pro” too right?!

    Blog and Free Services

    René Digital Hub has a Team Blog where they share secrets and management tips to having a great online presence for your personal brand and business. So guys head there if you want to increase your knowledge base with their variety of articles.

    Part of their rebranding benefits will include FREE visual branding, auditing, strategy & business services for selected individuals and businesses from their social media pages. 

    Also, they would be releasing two FREE ebooks soon on Digital Marketing and Personal Development.
    Keep in touch with them to make sure you don't miss out on these benefits.


    Mail: hello@renedigitalhub.com
    Website: www.renedigitalhub.com
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/renedigitalhub
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/renedigitalhub
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/renedigitalhub
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    4 April 2016

    The Star Wars Guide to Building a Remarkable Startup Team- [Infographics]

    Team building, team work, cooperate work,

    In the last six years, I have  been privileged to occupy various leadership positions and handle several responsibilities. One major leadership Principle I have learnt is that any leader is only as good as his team. Yes! We can measure a leader's (either by position or responsibility) competence, productivity and effectiveness by the strength of the team involved. 

    When I say team, I do not refer to just a gathering of people trying to do something. No. A team is actually a group of people who are together with a shared vision. They are all simultaneously and interdependently working towards the same goal.

    I received a mail with a link to an infographic that is really fascinating. It describes the leadership strengths of major characters from the Legendary movie: Star Wars. Putting together this different characteristics of people in your startup team can make you invisible.

    The major reason for sharing this infographics is that the information is flexible. It can be applied to any kind of team you want to build for any project.

    Click to Enlarge Image
    Build a team, startups, entrepreneur,CEO
    Star Wars for Startups: A Guide to Building Your Team - Brought to you by Desk.com

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    1 April 2016

    How to Transit From Idea To Reality - Yinka Brand

    execute your ideas, live your dreams

    My name is Yinka Brand. I work as an Idea Mechanic and Engineer at LOCO CONCEPTS.  , an idea development, solution-providing, consulting and nation-building company, based in Lagos-Nigeria. 

    Today, I want to help give flesh to your idea(s), and at the same time show you how to be remarkable at what you do and challenge you to do something that matters. 

    In the course of our discourse, you will receive motivation/practical knowledge to convert your idea(s) to reality. It may be a business idea, an idea for an NGO, a social cause... Whatever it is. 

    You’ll be impacted with courage to face the impossible or adversity and remain resolute and successful. You’ll learn the importance of the faith element when it comes to idea execution. 

    So let’s begin...

    Believe in Your Idea

    If you want to make a difference in the world, you must learn to believe in what you do not see. I love to call it “unseen reality”. It’s unseen reality because it’s more real than what you see with your optical eyes! The things you see with your optical eyes are subject to change. But with your faith, you will move mountains militating against your achievements-the ones stopping you from making your big idea(s) a reality. You will be able to take down the Goliath that stands between you and the execution of your idea. Faith will help you move from idea to reality.

    Have Stubborn Faith

    To give flesh to your idea, you must develop stubborn faith. Stubborn faith will help you turn little things into great things; ideas into realities. It’s a proven fact! It’s what helped Steve Jobs to convert his idea for Apple into what it is today-the most profitable company on planet earth. It gives life to ideas and helps make dreams and aspirations a reality. It’s what makes life worth living. “It’s a manifestation technology for the realization of visions and ideas in the now.”

    The kind of stubborn faith I’m talking about here is absolute confidence in the unseen. It’s following your heart in spite of what your head, circumstances, family/friends, society, the economic situation of your company…. tells you. You’ve got to believe in your idea and your ability to make it happen. Let nothing deter you from making that big idea of yours a reality. You can make it happen. And you will.

    Kill Ignorance

    Often times, we see great ideas move from one host to another all because of ignorance on the side of the initial host. 

    *Note: A host in this context is that person with an idea.*

    “I don’t have the resources to implement my idea(s)”, he says. But what he doesn’t understand is that his problem is his lack of knowledge about the workings of ideas. 

    An idea whose time is ready has no patience for ignorant people. Ignorance destroys. It kills big ideas. Refuse to be ignorant. Get some knowledge, dude!

    Money trails behind great ideas; when they show up, money follows. Never dump an idea because of money. Never! If you do that , it’s a confession of your ignorance. How committed are you to your idea? 

    Don’t be rash to answer. 

    The answer will be made known to everyone when the going gets tough.

    Be Committed to Your Idea

    If you want to give life to your idea, you must be committed to that idea. Nehemiah in his time, a government worker in the employ of a foreign king, was passionate about his idea of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. 

    Martin Luther (1483-1546) was consumed by the idea of expressing the erroneous false doctrines and ecclesiastical superstition of his day. For Shakespeare, writing was his passion. 

    Isaac Newton was committed to changing the world with his discoveries-the law of gravity, calculus and the three laws of motion. His commitment to changing the world also gave birth to the invention of telescope.

    Michelangelo will not trade his artistic ideas for nothing, except for using them to glorify God. Johann Gutenberg (1400-1468), the inventor of printing press, was consumed by his quest to give the world the idea hidden within him through his invention. Be committed to your idea for therein lies your greatness. Through it, you will make an indelible impact on the world. 

    Develop a Tough Skin

    In your quest to making your idea the next big thing, you must be ready to be mocked and ridiculed for your idea. Until you are ready for this, you are not ready for the metamorphosis of your idea. Like Caterpillars changes, so do ideas changes stages till the ultimate stage. 

    Until people call you “crazy”, you haven’t started. Those who win with their ideas are those who know how to stand their ground in the face of fierce oppositions. Learn to stand your ground.

    Be Patient

    As you begin to work on your idea(s), many a time, you will feel like giving up; you will feel like calling it a quit. But don’t! You’ve got to be patient. You’ve got to hold on to your idea(s) until it materialize. Remember, your patience must be proven.
    Patience is very key when it comes to making your idea a reality. Refuse to be discouraged. Patiently work on your idea knowing that “to keep a light burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.” 

    With ideas, problems are solved; with ideas, the world becomes a better place for us to live in; with ideas, businesses grows; with ideas, man rules; with ideas, society is organized and stabilized.
    Never toy with ideas; ideas have the inherent ability to better the world and at the same time destroy it.

    Let me give you some insights about ideas and the age we are living in:

    1.  Having an idea of something does not guarantee it will work. 
    2.  You must be passionate about your idea. Passion turns ideas into an object of reality. 
    3. Nothing can be made without an idea. 
    4. Until your idea take over your life, you’re still on a journey to nowhere. 
    5. We are in the dispensation of ideas. A man, corporation or nation that cannot train his mind or the mind of its people for superior ideas, will end up serving others with superior ideas. In this dispensation, good ideas are not good enough! We need superior ideas. Good ideas will not rule in today’s world. The ruler-ship has been given to superior ideas! 
    6. A man who cannot invest or who has ceased to invest in his mind will soon end up in penury. An employee, who doesn’t either, will eventually lose value to his employer. And value is the sustainer of a man’s relevance in any organization. 
    7. In the years to come, there will be a fierce competition of ideas. Brands will rule through ideas. The hope of dying humanity, corporations and economies is superior ideas. How superior are your ideas?
    (I’ve got so much to tell you about the workings of ideas, but time won’t permit me to tell you all that I know today. 

    You can visit www.yinkabrand.com to learn more or follow me on Instagram @yinka.brand, on Facebook  and on Twitter @yinkabrand.

    Let’s talk a bit about how to be remarkable at what you do before I call it a quit today. 

    The only way to matter in this dispensation is to be remarkable. You’ve got to go the extra-mile. You’ve got to do the common things in an uncommon way. 
    Don’t just be a writer; be a remarkable writer. Don’t just be an employee; be a remarkable employee. Don’t just be an entrepreneur; be a remarkable entrepreneur. Don’t just be a salesman; be a remarkable salesman.  Don’t just be a teacher; be a remarkable teacher. 

    Being remarkable at what you do will get you will get you noticed in today’s cluttered, hyper-competitive world. You can’t influence your world or bring your big idea(s) to life in this generation without being remarkable. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a pastor/religious leader, an activist, politician, student, teacher, employee…Whatever you are-the only thing that will make you matter in this dispensation is to be remarkable.

    Learn to do what you dread. The more frightening or daunting your idea seems, the more important it is to face. Let nothing hold you back anymore. Go and work on those ideas that make you scared.

    Over To You 
    I would be glad to hear from you. Tell me how helpful this post was to you. Reply with a comment below.

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    30 March 2016

    Join Dayo Samuel, Fisayo Ogunwale and others at Leap Summit 2016

    Leadership Summit at the University of Lagos


    Young & Strong would be gathering people who are not just making difference in their various fields but are influencing lives at this year's Leap Summit.

    You need just a quantum leap in the journey to mind repositioning.

    Imagine if you could use your personal power to help people make a positive change in their life results, without needing to force it!

    Have you ever dreamed of finding your unique leadership style?

    At #LEAPsummit, you'll learn to ace your personal leadership through the power of your mind.

    Join Dayo Samuel (New Media Expert);

    Olukemi Sowemimo (Character and Etiquette Coach); and,

    Matthew 'Femi-Adedoyin (Family Life Coach)

    Date: Saturday, 2nd April, 2016
    Time: 10am
    Venue: Education Glass Hall, (University of Lagos) Unilag.

    Convener: Fisayo Ogunwale.

    Admission is FREE

    To register, go to http://bit.ly/LEAPsummit16

    For enquiries: Whatsapp this no 07038187641

    This event is powered by Young & Strong.

    Leadership Summit in Unilag

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    29 March 2016

    How to End a Boring and Unfulfilling Life

    Purposeful living, core message, life assignment, fulfilled life

    Life is too short to be bored and unfulfilled -  John C. Maxwell

    The phenomenal leadership expert, John Maxwell captured the essence of life in the quote above.

    How true! You need to realise how short the time we have to spend on earth. I remember when I got into Lagos State University in 2011, it felt like four (4) years would never come.

    It wasn't until when I was writing my last paper that it dawned on me. It was all over. Four years had gone by and it didn't feel like it. However, I was glad I made the best use of my time, resources and relationships.

    It's  chaotic to live to pass time. 20 years gone, then 40, 50,...70. Before you know it. Bam! It's all over.

    Life is so short and you have got to be living it awesome. I can't stand the thought of people who wake up each day without a single excitement about their life. They are so bored down to the soul. Trust me, there are amazing things you can do in this life.

    I am not being judgemental. I am bothered about people not really living a fulfilling life. The truth is that  you know when something is missing but the problem is you might not know how to flip the switch. That's why I wrote this post. Hang in there! I have few recommendations that will help.

    5 Tips to End Boredom and Unfulfillment

    #1. Discover What You Were Made For

    There is a whole new meaning to life that comes with discovering who you are. It's like being newly born. In actual fact, that's when life really begins; when you find your identity.

    Can you answer this question with a full sense of satisfaction?

    Who are you?

    This goes beyond your name, family background, or qualifications. It might seem like a cliché but it's a timeless principle to effective living.

    "Identity is Destiny."- Stephen R. Covey

    You never know how much treasure you carry until you discover yourself. Self discovery is indispensable to a fulfilled life. Nothing really makes sense until you know what you a wired for. Any sense of emptiness or boredom you feel towards life should really point to the fact that there's a missing piece. Seek to find it.

    I can tell how deep and personal the pain of unfulfillment can be. As deep as it can be, that's how sudden there can be a switch when you hit a revelation of yourself.

     In Stephen R. Covey's book, "The 8th Habit", he called it "Finding your voice." That is a unique personal significance.

    Stephen said:

    "Voice is unique personal significance-significance that is revealed as we face our greatest challenges and which makes us equal to them... Voice lies at the nexus of talent (your natural gift and strengths), passion (those things that naturally energize, excite, motivate and inspire you), need (including what the world needs enough to pay you for) and conscience (that still, small voice within that assures you of what is right and that prompts you to actually do it)."

    By observation, I have noticed that people attempt to pick one or two out of this four part (talent, passion, need and conscience) and think it will suffice for all. Finding your identity will require you to understand the totality of the human being.

    #2. Discover What You Are Made Of

    Everyone has this deep and nearly inexpressible longing from within to find our voice in life. Again, I would share from Stephen R. Covey's work. 

    In my research to answer this question of boredom and unfulfillment, I found his book to be most helpful. You can get a copy of "The 8th Habit" on Amazon.

    Stephen used what he called "The Whole Person Paradigm"; where the human nature is described to be four dimensional- The body, mind, heart and spirit. 

    Although, some also say it's three dimensional (Spirit, soul and body). It's all the same ideology. The soul is made up of the mind and emotions (heart).

    So Stephen explained in his book that for any human to feel complete, these four dimensions must be harnessed all together.

    Your spirit (seat of conscience) longs to leave a legacy (meaning and contribution).
    Your body longs for survival.
    Your heart (seat of emotions) seeks to love (relationship).
    Your mind (seat of reason) seeks to learn (growth and development).

    There is great fulfilment in developing the four dimensions. These four parts of every human have their capacities or intelligence; that you can possess.

    The body has a physical intelligence. Imagine how organized your body functions. 

    The heart (emotional intelligence) is responsible for your self knowledge, self awareness, etc. 

    The mind (metal intelligence) is responsible for the ability to analyze, reason, visualise and comprehend. 

    The spirit (spiritual Intelligence) is the central and most fundamental of all the intelligences because it is the source of guidance of the other three.

    From scripture:
    ''The spirit of man is the. Candle of the Lord"- Proverbs 20:27

    I won't delve more into this book. But what I hope you realise is that there is no quick fix to fulfillment and satisfaction in life. You have to understand what you are made of and seek how to develop them. I believe there is a support system God had fabricated for every human to live by.

    To wrap up on this, let me share with you what Stephen says will help develop these four intelligences.

    • For the body- assume you've had a heart attack; now live accordingly. 
    • For the mind- assume the half-life of your process is two years; now live accordingly.
    • For the heart- assume everything you say about another, they can overhear; speak accordingly.
    •  For the Spirit- assume you have a one-on-one visit with your creator (God) every quarter; now live accordingly.

    I have been living by this and it really works.

    #3. Pursue Your Passion

    So in your pursuit of discovering "what you are made of", your passion would have surfaced. 

    I do not think that "your passion" is suppose to just get you excited. It is one of the pointers to "what you have been made for." 

    John Maxwell in his article on how to carve out your life passion suggested some questions to help you reflect on your passion. This is my favourite of all the questions:

    "If you have inherited ao much money that you would never have to work again, what would you do with your time?"

    When you realise that your passion can change you life and the lives of those around you, no one will ever drag you outa of bed. This should make you excited about life.

    Apply your passion to solve problems. Seek to create a solution.

    Personally, I am excited each day about who I am. I have something to live for. I am always overwhelmed with the joy of having to help someone find direction in life. If I had all the money in the world, I would still be found doing it.

    #4. Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

    No one can build a personal destiny upon the faith or experience of another person.- John Mason

    I have had discussions with  a couple of persons on this same issue of being bored about life. I observed that they had developed a low self esteem from always comparing themselves with other people.

    Many people have suffered depression from validating their worth based on the achievements of others. You disempower yourself each time you make a choice  based on the opinions of other people.

    Never look down on yourself. You are unique and special the way you are. If you are experiencing challenges, I need you to know you have what it takes to breakforth.

    #5. Watch Your Circle of Friends

    One of Jim Rohn's popular quote says you become a product of the top five people you spend your time with. Friendship is not just an avenue to interact. It's a support system.

    There's a huge chance that the reason you are bored to the soul is that your friends are also boring. I am not taking about going to parties and all that. After all your daily activities, do you go to bed with a deep sense of satisfaction?

    I do not remember ever saying I am bored about life. Yes, I have engaged in boring activities like monopoly. I don't really like it. That's not the kind of boredom I am referring to.

    I am speaking of inner boredom. No matter what you try, it doesn't seem to sink deep.

    Watch out for friends who always speak about the negative side of life. They will always chat about bad economy, lack, failure, people trying to get at them, etc.

    If you always hang around these kind of people, you will automatically produce the same pattern of thoughts.

    My core message is this. If you want a fulfilled life, give attention to the four dimension of your being. 

    Over To You
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