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  • Monday, 12 September 2016

    LYLEP4 - How to Break the Pessimism Sydrome and Become Productive with Your Dreams [Podcast]

    The world we live in at this time is full of information. One Google search will bring about a  billion results. If you are like me, who likes to read a lot. I spend time researching for solutions to the challenges I face daily. 

    But with the availability of all these knowledge, comes another problem. It is what we call, information overload. You have so much information at your disposal and it becomes so overwhelming.

    You have tried so many experts and influencers advice but it seems you are moving far away from materializing your dreams. You are scared your dreams will remain dreams but you are more scared of trying anything new. You don't want to fail again.

    This is the reality of so many people. They have lost hope in learning from others because of their past experiences.

    Well, It is not your fault. No one likes to be unproductive. We all desire to see results as quick as  possible.

    Are you yearning to really make a difference in this world? You want to live your dreams, add value to other people's life? Even though you want this badly, you don't know what exactly to do and you doubt the information you read and listen to daily? Well, listen to this episode and you will be able to breakout of that pessimistic mindset.

    Podcast: Download
    You can also listen on: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS

    In this episode:

    • I want you to understand the place of principles in being successful.
    • I shared 3 tips that will help you become more optimistic about receiving help from people.

    Links Mentioned in this Episode

    Grum.co (Update your Instagram from your PC) 

     No Excuse Challenge Ebook Free Download

    Over To You
    I love to have a feedback from you. 
    • What is your key take away from this episode? 
    • Why do you sometime feel skeptical about other people teachings and advice? 
    Please share with me using the comment form below. I use your comments to improve on my content.
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    Tuesday, 30 August 2016

    LYLEP3 - How to Get Started on Your Ideas With Little Resources [Podcast]

    There is a saying that "Excuse is the tool of the incompetent." It's one thing for you to have big dreams in life, it is another thing to live those dreams. Because of how our dreams are much bigger than our resources, it is very easy to dwell on that as an excuse.

    We could get scared of what we want to accomplish and shy away. In this episode, I want to show you that you can get started with that little you have. It is very simple if you understand certain principles in life.

    Live your dreams, start normal

    Are you passionate about the kind of things you see yourself accomplishing but often think your available resources is a barrier? Well, listen to this episode and break that mental limitation.

    Podcast: Download
    You can also listen on: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS

    In this episode, you will:

    1. Learn about my book (No Excuse Challenge: A definitive guide to break mental limitations in less than 30 days).
    2. Learn about the "No Excuse Series."
    3. Gain insight on how to use available resources to kick-start on you dreams.

    Links Mentioned in this Episode

    SmartbCamp.com - John Obidi
    No Excuse Challenge Ebook Free Download

    Over To You

    I love to have a feedback from you. What is your key take away from this episode? Do you think I was clear enough with my points? Please share with me using the comment form below. I use your comments to improve on my content.

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    Monday, 15 August 2016

    LYLEP2 - How to Deal With Transitional Phases In Life [Podcast]

    To everything on the surface of the earth, there is a season. The Journey of every individual in this life differs but one common denominator is the presence of phases. One proof of this fact is that you are not where you were a year ago. Things are surely different.

    In this episode, I am more concerned with how to handle those seemingly challenging times of your life. Don't despise this time of your life. Your decisions and actions will determine the outcome of the season.

    Challenges, seasons of life, time for everything, make a comeback after a setback

    Are you having experiences that seem like a setback in the pursuit of your dreams? This episode is for you. You will be equipped with actionable steps to simplify your challenges 

    Podcast: Download
    You can also listen on: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS


    In this episode titled How to handle transitional phases in life you will learn:

    1. What a transitional phase is.
    2. 5 great steps to help you un-clutter a phase that seems like a setback  

    Over To You
    I love to have a feedback from you. What is your key take away from this episode and how do you deal with your own transitions? Please share with me using the comment form below.

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    Monday, 8 August 2016

    LYLEP1 - Introductory episode: What is Lead You Life Podcast about? [Podcast]

    Every individual in this world wants to leave a legacy. We all have the inner hunger to be remembered for something. Although, many persons express this desire differently at varying degrees, majority struggle daily to find full expression.

    The gap between desire and fulfillment is ultimately leadership. Our newly launched podcast show serves to help you bridge that gap.

    execute intentionally, deliberate living, lead your life

    #LeadYourLife show is a platform to help passionate individuals like you who want to make a positive difference with your ideas, message, or story to get the clarity, boldness, strategy and tools needed to empower you execute intentionally.

    By applying practical and simple principles, you will gain insight into actionable tips, steps and strategies to help you Lead your life intentionally

    Podcast: Download

    You can also listen on: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS

    Based on my personal study and by observation, I have come to a level of understanding that for anyone who wants to find fulfillment and live your dreams, you must have four fundamental things in  place. These include:

    1. A good level of clarity,
    2. Great boldness,
    3. A winning strategy, and
    4. The right tools for implementation

    It was high time I tried a new thing and evolve. Just like I did, would you decide to Lead Your Life today?


    Show Link:

    Dayo Samuel -Audacity2Lead

    Over To You
    I love to have a feedback from you. If you have topics or questions you would like me to treat on the show,  please reply with a comment below. I want to hear from you.

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    Tuesday, 19 July 2016

    Tear The Envelope And Unleash Your Greatness

    Guest post by Israel Godwin

    Anyone who refuses to test his limits, anyone unwillingly to move out of her comfort zone, is destined to live life inside the envelope. (Ben Carson)

    Many died and some are dying silently because they are not living the kind of life they envisioned for themselves and it all burns down to a single reason; people are not willing to risk.

    People put on this miserable look on their faces not knowing that the life we are living today is as a result of the decisions we made sometimes in the past. If you have a long life dream to make it real in life then you should be prepared to stay out of your comfort zone and avoid being paralyzed by fear.

    Fear limits what you can achieve. It has been noticed that a lot of people often doubt their abilities and capabilities; that is what fear do to you. It imprisons your mind and beliefs thereby making people more cautions rather than making attempts and taking risks to make the future they dreamt of.

    There is a known fact, no matter how you try, you can not eliminate all risks. Which means some risks are worth taking. Don't be fooled, there is a need for you to step out of that convenient zone (that can't even guarantee something better) and go out for more challenging task to boost your ego and achieve your dreams.

    Successful people look for the opportunities they want and if they can't find them, they create them. Most of the renowned leaders and achievers stepped out of their fears and environment to fulfill their wishes and desires.

    One basic thing is that it may sound too hard or tasking or even difficult but it is not impossible, but don't be dismayed instead remain focus and positive. No tyranny of circumstance can imprison a determined will.

    Make it your desire to achieve big things, step out, move out of your comfort zone to a learning zone. It will be interesting to know that the most important developments in science, history, technology and the arts come from taking risks.

    So I'm urging you to tear the envelope now, Stop trying to play safe because fear is like a condom that the system uses to screw us and none of us would be here if everyone practice safe sex.

    Chase your dreams, if you have anything you want to do, do it, go after it with enthusiasm and don't stop until you get it. Get out of the envelope today and you will be amazed at your accomplishments. Live Your Dreams.

    Isreal O. Godwin
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    Thursday, 14 July 2016

    Seasoned Life Journal New Logo

    It's almost 5 years since I officially started Seasoned Life Journal. It's amazing to know how much It has evolved. When I remember the way this blog looked at it's inception, I just keep laughing. Honestly, it looked like a joke at first.

    From the funny looking design to the ugly header banners to plagiarized content and so on. Well that's not the story for today. I think I will find time to do a comprehensive post on this blog's history.

    Anyway, if I had waited for all circumstances to be favourable, maybe I might not have started at all. Perhaps, even Leverage Conference might not have been a reality.

    Just by my commitment to this blog, a lot have happened to me. From the opportunity to privately mentor and tutor people (who are also doing very well now), to speaking engagements and so on.

    New logo GIST

    The main purpose of this post is to unveil the new logo. We have finally come up with something that really depicts what we stand for here at Seasoned Life Journal. Courtesy of     Bishopforte studios.

    New Logo

    Old Logo

    Here at Seasoned Life Journal, I am interested in how you will use your ideas, stories and message to make a difference in this world. I am committed to helping you find the clarity, boldness, strategy and tools needed to lead your life to fulfillment.

    The core message is personal leadership. You have what it takes to make your world awesome!


    Social Media Channels

    And I finally created social media channels for Seasoned Life Journal. I have been using my personal accounts all this while.

    Twitter Cover Photo

    Be Intentional, lead your life
    Facebook Cover Photo

    So feel free to follow us on these social media channels:




    So what do you think about the new logo? I would love to get a feedback from you.
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    Saturday, 2 July 2016

    7 Reasons You Get Frustrated in the Pursuit of Your Dreams

    Vector by Freepik

    Every man and woman in existence seeks for a certain level of expression. There is an innate thirst for fulfilment - to leave a legacy.

    There are a endless number of people from ages past who filled this thirst while some didn't. In my part of the world, I have come across a lot of persons with dreams and burning passion like myself.

    Some are getting it right and blazing the trail while some are still struggling to find their feet.

    To the latter, every effort seem to be an attempt in futility. It seems they count more defeat than victories. It's an endless cycle of frustration.

    Based on my observation and research, I came up with some reasons that can make you experience ceaseless frustrations in the pursuit of your dreams.

    It's not an absolute list but I believe this will help someone who reads this post.

    #1. It's not your dream.

    Some persons in life are actually pursuing someone else's dream. They are on course towards the vision of another. They are trying to be like someone else. The motivation is primarily external. The drive does not have an intrinsic source.

    Now, I know it's possible for someone to inspire you. There's a possibility that you can use the vision of another as a reference point. But it becomes yours when you internalise and personalise it.

    You have decided to take ownership and build something of your own out of it. You are self driven and self motivated. It moved from just an inspiration to a personal conviction.

    You are the one who is taking the initiative. You are fully intoxicated with what you stand for.

    Even when you hit hard obstacles and it feels like it's time to give up, the inner source of your momentum propels you to victory.

    Hence, it has never been about your father, mother or friends. You are not trying to please anyone. You are only driven by the cry of your spirit to fulfill destiny.

    When you anchor your dreams on people, you will be disappointed - especially when you don't get the response and results they are getting.

    Never try to be like someone else or to anchor your destiny on the descriptions and prescriptions of another man.

    #2. You are in a haste.

    "Beware of endeavouring to become a great man in a hurry. One such attempt in 10,000 may succeed. These are fearful odds." - Benjamin Disreali

    Anything of great value is developed with time. King Solomon of the Bible wrote that "There is time for everything under the sun...Time to sow and time to harvest."

    It's only a short sighted person who would even think they have sown enough. Do you think you have sown enough? Can you ever have enough sowing? Do you think you are ready to handle greatness? Do you have the character needed to sustain greatness?

    The very sign that you are in a hurry shows you are not ready. It's called the discipline of persistence.

    Napoleon Hill said "persistence is to the character of a man as carbon is to steel."

    I have been doing an understudy of top persons that I admire their works in various Industries. I discovered they had all put in at least 10 years of consistent hard work and value.

    When you have a shallow understanding of times and season, the discipline of delay gratification and self denial, you will wallow long in frustration.

    Long fellow popular quote says:

    "Those heights by great men, won and kept, were not achieved by sudden flight. But they, while their companion slept, were toiling upward in the night."

    I looked up for quotes and I found another interesting one by Brian Tracy. He said "Your success in life depends more on the person you become than on the things you do and acquire."

    There is a person you are suppose to become. There is a diamond in you that needs to be polished to the surface. There is a gold in you that needs to be burned to the surface. Don't be in a haste.

    #3. Unmatched Competence

    Sometimes, it's not about the vision. The issue is that you are not growing in your capacity to meet up with the vision.

    This is a sign - when you do not know where to go and what to do to make things better.

    Sam Adeyemi, senior pastor of Daystar Christian Center Lagos Nigeria said "wherever you find a person who has developed the capacity...that person becomes a magnet." 

    The truth is that whatever you don't know, you don't know. You can pretend to know but it won't match up with the quality of results you produce.

    Are you truly committed to building competence/capacity? 

    Be committed to serious practice. That's where the mastery will spring out from.

    Get exposed. How much do you dedicate to your own self education? This is not about University, College or Medical school. This is about the school of life.

    Whatever brought you to where you are, won't take you to your desired end. Things are changing and somethings you might be holding unto are becoming obsolete.

    How much do you invest in yourself? I suggest you use what is called the "3 percent formula." It says you should use 3% of your income to invest in your personal education every month.

    Talent is overrated. You will have to raise the bar. If you are doing what the average person can do, you will get an average result, and belong to the league of mediocres. Resolute to be a lifelong student in the school of life.

    4. You don't seek for help.

    This is an extrapolation of the last point. You see, I believe so much in the principles of the Bible. Jesus the Christ said "Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened unto you."

    I discovered a lot of persons who get all grumpy and what to give up never really ask people for help. Actually, they are asking and seeking for the wrong things.

    Meet people and ask questions. Kop kopmeyer said "learn from the experts. You will never live long enough to learn all for yourself."

    Permit to share another of Brain Tracy's quote. He said "All the answers have been found. All the routes to success have been discovered. Everything that you need to learn to move to the top of your field has already been learned by hundreds and even thousands of other people. And if you ask them for advice they will give it to you."

    #5. You seek for people's approval.

    This one gives me great concern because people whose childhood were filled with criticisms fall into this category. They have this constant fear of rejection.

    In seeking people's approval, some people want a pat on their back in other to establish their value. They want someone to say "that's a good idea" to validate their relevance.

    This is risky because there are a lot of people who will turn you down and you might end up accepting the fact that you are not good enough.

    A true visionary doesn't need that. You must learn to approve yourself and take action. Then the pat on the back comes afterward.

    Now, I am not saying every idea is a good idea or that your idea won't be opposed. But to a visionary, a pat on the back is a reinforcement and even a ridicule is also a reinforcement.

    The former is a positive reinforcement and the latter is a negative reinforcement. A visionary uses both as a stepping stone towards the ultimate goal. Are you a person of vision?

    #6. You are unsure of victory.

    If you are waiting to see signs of victory before you validate your championship, you are already one step of the league. That's not the way to go.

    It all begins in the mind. It is very important you master this principle. If you can't see it, you can't have it. You have to believe you are victorious and a champion, then you will begin to see signs.

    How does this work?

    This is called "The law of attraction." 

    Negative thoughts creates negative energy and attracts negative experiences. Positive thoughts creates positive energy and attracts positive experiences.

    I have written about this law several times on this blog, and my social media channels. I have even had the privilege to speak to people about them on some platforms. But it seems only few people fully absorb this principle.

    This is because very few apply it consistently. A principle is not something you try once and forget about it. It must be applied continuously for you to absorb the underlying results. You have to do this until it becomes a natural extension of your character.

    There are some persons who find it easy to smile when under pressure. It didn't just happen it was consistent practice of the response to a pressing situation consciously or unconsciously that made it become a habit.

    Develop a"victory mindset" because there are many things on your way that will look like defeat in disguise but with a "victory mindset" you win be able to discern and move through successfully even when it seems difficult.

    #7. You see success as a means to validate yourself.

    I have touched lightly on this on my fifth point. Some persons say "success is the best revenge." I believe this quote is in a context and should not be generalised. What happens if there's nothing to avenge?

    The issue here is that you will begin to see achievements as a means to prove a point.

    A lion doesn't hunt down other animals to prove that it is the king of the jungle. No! It actually hunts down those animals because it has the inner instinct that it is a king, and should express that.

    Let me illustrate with the art of singing. 

    Let's imagine a singer named Tara wins a Grammy award and she writes in her diary, "I won a Grammy today, so I am now a world class singer."

    In this case, the possession of that award made her the world class singer.

    What happens if she never get to win a Grammy all through her life? Does that mean she would never see herself as a world-class singer?

    The best way to go would be: "I am a world class singer and I got a Grammy today."

    What I want to show you is that the value is not on the award, it's actually on her.

    In life, the value is not on the achievement, success or recognition, the value is on YOU.

    This is because you have it embedded in you and it was properly expressed. This is what will keep you going when you can't afford the car of your choice or house of your choice, yet, without feeling intimated.

    You will no longer play victim, you will take responsibility for your goals, dreams and vision.

    If you noticed, all I mentioned above centers around YOU and the need for you to develop the right perspective in certain areas.  I implore you to troubleshoot with this post as a guideline.

    Over To You
    I love feedback. If you have any reservation or contribution, please reply with a comment below. I want to hear from you.

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    Wednesday, 25 May 2016

    3 Facts You Don't Know that Can Make You Rich

    Guest post by Okon Joseph

    Passive income, make money, financial freedom

    I thought long and hard enough about sharing some fact on making money or becoming rich because I see so many people in their day to day life still running around struggling to make money through a system that they were told would make them financially free.

    I know millions of people have lost their jobs, happiness and even money on the ground of trying to get rich using an old system that once worked in the past.

    We are experiencing one of the most financial crisis and economic changes in history. What works 3 years ago, has changed today. What may be true about the principles of getting rich has also changed today.

    I decided to write about 3 common facts that were once true decades ago but false now due to the changes in the financial sector. I want us to get informed and understand that these 3 facts about making money can make you rich faster in this present economy.

    Years ago, I was once with the majority who believed that to become rich one need to;

    1. Work in a high paying job. 
    2. Save 10% of your income monthly. 
    3. Invest in shares of a good company.
    Yes, these principles may have worked with our fore-fathers and dead mentors, but it does not work these days. It did not work for me because as far as I know, it is the slowest means to getting rich.

    I struggled for years until I found out these true facts, applied it into my life and business and within 6 months my income and net worth increase 5X.

    Here are the 3 facts that made me move from being an average Joe to a rich Joe


    Fact #1: You don't get Rich by Saving

    Like I earlier wrote, we were once told to save our way to financial freedom. But let me ask you, how many people do you know that became rich by saving 10% of his/her income monthly in this 21st century?

    I don't know of any. I do read books written by millionaires and none of them attributed a rule of making money to saving 10% monthly.

    Who Really Saves 10% Monthly?

    I don't!

    Do you? I don't think so or maybe you do. I give 10% of my income to God. 
    Brethren, saving 10% monthly won't make you rich. That's old school. Stop reading those motivational books written by people who also read same motivational books written in the 80's when money still had value.

    Imagine how much you make a month. Remove 10% from it. How long would you have to save 10% to acquire that asset or invest in that investment plan?

    In today's economy, you can't save 10% monthly to a millionaire status. You want to be a millionaire by 50 does not mean you have to wait till you hit 50.

    When I want to save to acquire an item (asset or luxury). I first seek to know how much it cost. Then I will fix a deadline and then plan how much I need to remove from my income so as to meet that set date.

    The journey to become a millionaire begins with a step doesn't mean I will trek to get there.

    Will you continue to save 10% monthly or you will be aggressive towards hitting your goals?

    The best formula is, save for investment, and don't save to save. Save your money because you want to invest not because you just want to keep it in a saving account. People don't get rich with savings account.


    Fact #2: If You're not Making Enough Money, You're not Adding Enough Value

    Surprise? I bet you're!

    But the fact is, nothing can change it. Okay, let me make it easy for you. If you're not making enough money, you're not helping enough people.

    Successful people are those who can find ways to add value in some way to a person or create something of value for others. A dentist who takes away pain is adding value.

    Always ask yourself this question, "why should someone give me money?" and give yourself a candid answer to that question. The bigger your value the more money you will attract to yourself.

    You make money from the help you provide other people with. As a freelance writer, I make more money when I write more. The more articles or blog post I write, the more money I make. I am helping busy online entrepreneurs create content so they can focus on more important stuffs. I add value by giving them informative content on their blogs so their audience benefit and also help increase subscription list.

    What value are you adding? Who are you helping to make his life, business, and relationship, health better with your service or product?


    Fact #3: There is no Secret Formula to Making Money

    Making money is no longer a secret because it's all over goggle. So how is it a secret? Making money is very easy depending on how you want to make it all the rest of your life.

    I repeat again, there is no secret of making money. Buy a product for $10, sell it for $15, you have made money. Help someone with writing an article for $5, you have made money. Sell an handmade product to as many people that you can sell to, you have made money.

    These are the facts that I have kept within me which elevated me and my business. Write the fact down on a paper, read it to yourself every morning before going out and at night before you sleep. I promise it will make wonders in your life and bank account.

    See you at the bank!

    Okon Joseph is the CEO of Word Inspired International. He is a Freelance Writer on Finance and business topics. He can be reach on www.okonjoseph.com where he shares his thought and experience on becoming a freelance writer.
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