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  • 20 May 2015

    Book Review: Let the Good Times Roll by Mark Hankins

    mark hankins books

    I read at least two books every month. I take out time to reflect on the words I’ve read so that I can absorb them and inculcate the lessons into my life style. I will be doing my first review on this blog today. So enjoy and expect more great reviews.

    Author: Mark Hankins
    Title: Let the good times roll (5 Key factors to Heaven on Earth)
    Publisher: MHM Publications; Alexandria, LA.
    Edition: 1-88981-13-3
    Pages: 159
    Genre: Christian Books
    © 2006 by Mark Hankins
    “And to know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.”
    I finished reading this book few months back. The first time I heard about Mark Hankins was during WAFBEC 2015.

    Mark Hankins is the pastor of Christian worship Centre in Alexandria, Louisiana. He pastors the church alongside his wife. Their message centres on the spirit of faith, who the believer is in Christ, and the work of the Holy Spirit with Joy.


    - The Holy Spirit Factor.
    - The Glory Factor.
    - The Faith Factor
    - The Joy Father.
    - The Redemption Factor.
    - Let The Good Times Roll.

    Note: There are sub themes on each chapter I didn’t include.
    I am sharing some things I have practically learnt while reading this book.


    The Holy Spirit Factor

    One of the core experiences of a Christian is to be baptised by the Holy Spirit. Mark Hankins taught that Life has never been about having or knowing a tool but about rightly harnessing the power of the tool. 

    Hence, it’s not about talking or reading about the Holy Spirit but putting the power of the Holy Spirit into work.

    The Holy Spirit is our Comforter. He is our advocate; helps us win our cases. The Holy spirit gives uncommon strength.

    “You can do more in one year if you are filled with the Holy Spirit than you can do in fifty years apart from Him.”

    To buttress the Holy Spirit as our advocate, Mark Hankins gives an illustration.

    The Holy Spirit is our advocate. He is the counsellor for the defence. He is called in to speak in support of His character in order to enlist favour of judge. The advocate will present someone else’s case in the most favourable light.

    These words have helped me prayed with a stronger confidence. I am assured that if I allow the Holy Spirit pray through me, all I take before the judge (God) will be presented to enlist me for favour.

    The Holy Spirit is our seismic retrofit; helps us withstand the earth quake of life. After the quakes pass, we will still be standing.

    Mark Hankins also emphasised on the importance of recognising, respecting, and responding to the Holy Spirit.
    We must not resist him if we truly want to live “heaven on earth.”


    The Glory Factor

    This was where I learnt a New Greek word-‘Doxa’. It is the New Testament word for “glory.”

    Mark Hankins taught that the glory of God is the most outstanding characteristics about God. It’s God manifested presence.

    He said “Even though God is everywhere, His presence is not manifested everywhere.” Believers should always speak of God’s glory. 

    The more of God’s glory that his made manifest in our lives- the more we gradually attain the fullness of the measure of Christ stature. There are riches in God’s glory. 

    One commentary puts it as “wealth, number, commerce, power, wisdom, promotion, superiority, authority, nobility, splendour, valour, magnificent, extraordinary, privileges and advantages.


    The Faith Factor

     I learnt quite a lot about faith here. Faith will get you to your destination. Mark Hankins said God spoke to him saying, “I am a champion at ‘putting’ people in the right direction.”

    Our faith is very important in living 'heaven on earth'. When it seems like you are not going the right way, you must belief God perfect will as to that which concerns you.

    Faith is motion activated. Until you make a move on God’s word, you will keep suffering on that spot.

    “Even so faith, it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” – James 2:17
    “Satan cannot make a chain that faith in God cannot break.”


    The Joy Factor

    This is another key factor. True believe and trust in God, is accompanied by Joy. 

    “...yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory” – Pet 1:8
    We should be full of rejoicing always. With joy we draw from the well of salvation. He said “Joy is the bucket to draw out your blessing.”

    The greater your joy, the greater your bucket. Mark Hankins taught that joy is the bridge between believing and reading. Faith laughs at impossibilities.


    The Redemption Factor

    The focus here is to “focus on Jesus Christ” in order to live heaven on earth.
    “For all the promises of God in Him and yes and in Him amen, unto the glory of God by us.” – 2 Cor 1:20
    The only way to get a yes from God is through Christ Jesus. We must live in the reality of the fact the Christ lives in us.
    Mark Hankins said, “we look a lot better in Christ then we do outside of him.” 

    I believe this book is a very practical. There are illustrations I could not write because this is a review about many illustrations. It teaches in detail how a believe can begin to live the “God-kind” of life here on earth.

    You can order for your copy of Let the good times roll on Amazon
    Mark hankins, Mark hankins books
    Price: $12.50

    I would like to read your comments about this book. Have you read this book? What do you think about the review?
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    15 May 2015

    How you endanger your life: 6 ways to protect yourself

    endager your life, gamble with your life

    On planet earth, you only have one life to live. It’s risky to gamble with your life. I am sure you are familiar with GIGO (garbage-in, garbage-out). Whatever you get out of life will be with respect to what you give in.
    There are diverse ways you can endanger your life. I know that daily, we are exposed to some risks, but I want to share 5 risks you are bringing to yourself that you might not know of.


    #1: No Vision/Goal

    You shouldn’t live your life randomly. If you live your life on random acts, you will get random results. There were times I felt all this talk about vision and goals were getting too much until I met a couple of people that didn’t have one. 

    This is very dangerous. If you have nothing that serves as a  cynosure to your daily routine or what I call targeted routine, you are limiting your potential.

    Whenever there is no vision/goal, there would definitely be no target.
    "Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air." -  1 Corinthians 9:26 (NIV)
    What makes a missile a deadly weapon, is the ability to be locked on a target. A magnifying glass can only burn a paper only when it focuses light on the paper. 

    There is power in focus. When you have a vision/goal, it gives you focus. A life of focus is a life of results and influence.

    When you conceive a vision or set a goal, it gives you something to focus your energy on. The truth is that whatever you focus your energy on will grow whether good or bad. I’m sure you know my focus on this post is for you to focus on something positive that will bring good to this world.

    The bible confirms this when it says that “Without vision, the people perish.” It is dangerous to engage in the journey of life without a vision or goal. If you do not have a targeted picture of the end you desire, you have not started living.

    So the summary of the whole gist here is this: GET A VISION FOR YOUR LIFE!

    Way out
    • Seek your purpose 

    #2: Myopic Decisions

    Whatever status you are right now as you are reading this line is an accumulated result of all the decisions you have made before now. 
    All the outcomes/events that have played out in your life were a product of your conscious and subconscious decisions. The ones that are yet too unfold are fully dependent on your decisions. Even God can’t make decisions for you. He gives us the free will to choose.

    If you make your decisions based on instant gratifications, it is very dangerous. Never seek pleasures at the detriment of your future. You shouldn’t be short sighted in taking actions. It often times leave scars of regret in our lives.

    Way Out
    • Fulfil point #1.
    • Be objective in your decisions.
    • Think of the long term effects than short term.


    #3: Not teachable

    The bane of many people’s lives is the dogma they’ve carved out for themselves. They never agree with anyone’s thought. 
    On Monday morning at the newspaper vendor stand, you will see them shouting at the top of their voices. They are the professor of sport, politics, art and religion at the same time.

    You can never win them in an argument. Everyone knows they are wrong but they always find a way to twist the argument.
    This type of attitude will only make you end up living in the 21st century but with a 17th century mind. You will be ancient because you lack the capacity to absorb new things.

    Way out
    • Develop a teachable spirit.
    • Learn to judge issues not just from your own perspective.
    • Don't be afraid to be wrong. 
    • Respect other people’s opinions. Being open-minded doesn’t mean you should accept everything that comes to you but it simply means that you should test all that comes your way.
    • Read My Single Story.


     #4: Comparing yourself to others

    Some persons are busy living someone else's life. You will be doing yourself great harm. Bad comparison can damage your self esteem. 
    Most times, the persons we make comparison with may even wish they were someone else. Don't live your life with reference to your friends or whoever you think is living a better life.  

    Way out
    • You are uniquely created.
    • Be grateful for what you have.
    • There can't be another you.
    • Everyone has a different path.
    • Discover your self-worth. It is not all about money or fame.


    #5: Waste Time on Social Media

    I discovered that if you browse the Internet for an average of 10hours a day, you would have spent approximately 2 year of your life on the Internet in a year. 

    Imagine how bad it would be if those two years were not used productively. 

    I know the social media is awesome but I also know so many persons don’t use it productively. It is common among students. 
    They just take selfies and chat all day. Use your time wisely. Take a free or paid course, develop your talent, learn a skill, promote your band, or even solve a problem. Do not chat away your life.

    Way out 
    • Cut down unproductive usage and get busy doing something real and phenomenal.


    #6: You live for yourself

    If you think life is about yourself, when you grow old and eventually die, you might as well have to buy the casket yourself and bury yourself by yourself.

    OK! That’s not possible. 

    The onus here is that some people act like they are the alpha and omega. I believe it’s not the best. The persons you might be ignoring now because you think you don’t need them might just not be the case in the future.

    Learn to extend your love and kindness to others. Don’t just go about stepping on people’s toes because you are entitled to your opinion. Do not exploit people or take advantage of their weaknesses.

    Way out
    • Understand that Nobody is a Nobody. Everyone matters. 
    • We all play a role in this world and we are all interconnected.
    The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these." - Mark 12:31 (NIV)
    In the words of Kid President, keep doing things that will make the world awesome. The best way to influence the world is to begin the change right from yourself.

    P.S- Don't forget to drop a comment below. I want to hear from you. If you have any further question, feel free to contact me.
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    11 May 2015

    5 Remarkable lessons my mum taught me

    mothers day, mothering sunday, mum's

    It's the beginning of another great week. Yesterday (Sunday), was mother's day and different people were speaking and writing about mum's. I wonder how many pictures of mum's were circulated round the Internet yesterday.

    I decided to make my mother's day writing as the usual Monday post.

    Behind every successful man is a woman. Well, for the now, the only woman behind me is my mother. So I'm sharing a few things that my mum directly or indirectly inculcated into my life from childhood

    Dad, you also taught me so many things but today is for mum. There would be a time for you. That would be father's day special.
    (My dad is subscribed to my blog)


    #1: You are responsible for your decisions

    She usually switch into this mode whenever she's correcting me and I'm being stubborn about it. She would say "It's your life O! I only brought you to this world. If you like destroy your life, you would be held accountable. I don't own you. God owns you." These things among several other things she would continuously rain on me.

    We know how mother's scoldings hurt far more than cane lashes.

    I guess I was stubborn then because I didn't understand what she was telling me. Thank God I understand clearly now. It has helped me remain focused and stick to what is more important.
    I never blame anyone for my mistakes or failures. I suck up everything to myself and press on. Every event that play out in our lives are most times a response to a decision we once made.

    Take responsibility for all your actions.


    #2: Never let anyone discourage your dreams

    When I was younger, I cared too much about what people would say about me. My confidence level was low. Whenever I had an idea, I sometimes share with my mum.I would ask questions like "What would people say? What would daddy say?"

    She would immediately snap me out of it. She would say to me "Every idea in your heart is God-given. Believe in it and go for it and let no one discourage you."


    #3: Be hard-working and disciplined

    I have had the drilling of my life from  my dad and mum. Mum is the focus today. My mum is a trained teacher. When I was in primary school, I hated school. When I get back from school, mum would give very little time for play before study. She would teach me to do my assignments and force those books into my head by whatever means she could. 

    I can remember those spontaneous sharp abara (Slaps) and knocks. They were so not cool. It paid off in the long run . I always come up top three in class every term in primary school. In secondary school, I had a good time keeping up with studies. Presently in college, I'm raising the bar.

    Besides academics, as the first child, I wasn't spared from the "women ministry." I had to learn to do house chores, cook, and even go to the market (i mean big time market stuffs). 

    I  can only mention a  few here. I'm grateful I went through those trainings because it had made a fine young man with purpose. I work hard (not muscles work Oh) and discipline myself to achieve any  course placed before me. This is why I put in a lot into this blog daily to make it more relevant. 
    my mum, ologundudu abraham
    My mama

    #4: Pray for your unknown wife

    Seriously, the first time she told me this, it was really creepy.  If I could recall accurately, I would have been 15 years old. She always say that based on the fact that while she was a teenager, she often pray for her future husband and kids. It was weird at first until I learnt that our prayers are like seeds. It wouldn't hurt to be an early sower, you would reap the fruits in due time.

    So, I often do the "dear future wife prayer." I remember saying "dear future wife, wherever you are, I love you!"  

    I also apply it to everything yet seen. The point here is this: Learn to pray into your future.

    #5: Keep God at the Centre of your life

    My parents are Christians but it took me quite a while to join the fold. There were lots of preaching in the house to my siblings and I. That was the greatest gift I got in my home. We were consistently taught the right way. 

    It took a while but I eventually received Jesus Christ. It wasn't about going for church meetings, It was more about being part of the church. 

    I can never put all these things into writings completely but you can you take a cue from the few mentioned. Please, take a lesson from the five and ponder on it. I love you all.

    Over to you
    You know how much I love your comments. Tell me what you think about this post and share with me one thing you have learnt from your mother. 

    Recommended: My first love by Daniel Ndukwu on Be a Light to The World 
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    8 May 2015

    8 Perfectly Legal Steps To Live Your Dreams

    City life, greatness

    Do you know that in a year, everyone has an average between 1460 and 2190 number of dreams? Do you also know that more than Over 70% of dreams are not remembered? 

    That's a figure for those few hours when you are asleep. What about those countless times your mind wander about in both creative and sometimes dumb imaginations?

    Your mind is one of the most amazing gift God gave you. You can invent whatever you desire with it.

    I remember reading a quote of Dale Carnegie. He said "Everything is always created twice. First in the mind and then in reality." So true. Every inventions and world advancement you can think of on planet earth were once a random idea in someone's mind. I'm placing emphasis on the mind because that's where our dreams takes place.

    I know everyone has a dream they want to achieve someday but today's post is targeted at creative dreamers. I am not talking about those dreaming big about making some more money. I am referring to those who are thinking about the next phase of innovation, dynamic thinkers focused at developing new dimensions to what already exists.


    You are never too old or young to pursue your dreams.

    Success is not limited to any certain age. Age is just a number.

    I remember during my second year in college ( Lagos State University), an octogenarian graduated with second class (Upper division) from the department of sociology.
    This man walks with a bent back. I had an interaction with him once. We were in a bus together, heading from school to mile 2, Lagos state. He was busy reading is lecture notes. The bus was so tight but the man wasn't even bothered.

    The amazing thing was that he read without glasses conveniently. There were several times I would see him in the University library reading. For a man in his 80's, it was really inspiring.

    We all love KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). It might shock you to know that Harlan Sanders, the founder of KFC started promoting his cooking style at 66.

    To the ladies, Mary Kay Ash; one of the most influential business women in America history didn't break out until 45.

    Back here in Nigeria, the newly elected president; General Muhammadu Buhari is a typical example. He contested for presidency first in 1999 but he lost. He tried again in 2007 and also 2011 but yet no victory until he finally won the presidential elections on March 28th 2015. It took him 16 years before he nailed it. Buhari is 72 years old.

    Mark Zuckerberg was worth $33 billion at 23.

    Seun Osewa, the founder of Nigeria's most visited and widely used forum had few business failures before the success of Nairaland.com. He started in his 20's.

    Well, I know you might have read all these before. I didn't intend to make you have goosebumps. My point here is this: make the move, it's not too late.
    "If you can dream it, you can achieve it."


    8 steps to live your dreams.


    #1: Understand the uniqueness of your dream.

    "Cherish your vision and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul, the blue prints of your ultimate achievements" ~ Napoleon Hill
    It would like you to know that every man is unique and therefore we all have different visions. It might do you more harm than good to measure yourself with someone else. Until you begin to gain deep insight into the idea you have conceived and its unique purpose, you are not ready.

    This insight is what will keep you on the right path. It will be your master guide.
     "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."-Proverbs 4:7 KJV


    #2: Locate Influencers in that niche.

    "For whatsoever things were written afore time were written for our learning...." Romans 15:4
    Recently, my understanding of the importance of following influencers has gotten better. These people have passed through similar phases that you are yet to cross. It is great wisdom to connect with them and learn from them. It saves precious time and prevents some mistakes.

    You are not alone in this world. You need to learn from the experience of others. If you are venturing into a fresh space, then find similar influencers. Do not make them god over your decisions. They could be a point of reference.


    #3: Gather experience

    The new trend these days is that  majority of the younger lads all want to become CEO's. It's not a bad idea but very few are ready to go through the drills.
    It is not wise to jump straight into that idea without being equipped for it. It might just end up as a night mare. If you need to acquire some skills, please take your time to get them. It will pay off in the long run.
    If you have to be an apprentice for a period of time to gain some muscles, please do that. Besides, who says you must be a CEO before you are living the life you desire.


    #4: Understand/Calculate the cost

    Jesus said in Luke 14:28 (ESV) "For which of you desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it."

    These may be financial cost, psychological cost, technical cost, or even spiritual cost. You need to know exactly what you need for the journey ahead. You might not be able to capture the whole cost but the one you can gather will be helpful.


    #5: Scale down your dreams/vision into smart goals.

    One of the best way to accomplish a great task is to break it into smaller chunks. Taking a holistic view at what you intend achieving might want to throw you off your feet. 
    You could learn to break them down into smaller units and address them one at a time until the entire result I achieved. I have written about goal setting before.

    #6: Launch out

    I believe I'm safe to say here that if step 1 to 5 has been successfully achieved, you can now launch out. 
    You should know that no matter how beautiful a car looks, if you don't turn on the ignition, it's purpose is defeated.
    From experience, I can say the longer you ponder over an idea than normal, the more time you give room for random negative thoughts to set in. Once you have what it takes and you know the cost, you should launch out!


    #7: Be consistent and diligent

    You do not plant a seed and reap an harvest immediately. You need to go through some consistent process to yield an harvest.
    "Do you see a man diligent and skilful in a business? He will stand before kings, he will not stand before obscure men" ( Proverbs 22:29 AMP)
    The pursuit of your dreams is not like ice skating, that is just smooth. It's more like mountain biking, with lots of bumps. There is no fast lane to genuine success.

    #8: Keep learning and watch yourself grow

    During this journey, a lot of surprises will come your way. You will meet a lot of people both for good and otherwise.
    I suggest you have an open mind so you can learn from the series of events that will unfold and leverage on them to grow until you fully maximise your God given potentials.


    Bonus Tip

    Attend Live Your Dreams Africa 2015 Conference

    Yes! I told you guys about it two weeks ago. In case you didn't get to see it, and you are wondering what it's all about, you should check it out. 
    an arrow, black arrow
    The purpose of this post is not to fill you up with another set of rules. It is simply a guide to show you that you can get out of where you are to where you want to be.   

    Over to you
    I would like to know your thoughts about this post. If you have some extra cent to share, please do. Just comment below. I'm waiting.
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    5 May 2015

    Myth Busted! You don’t use Ten Per cent of your Brain

    Yes! I’m stating clearly again. The idea that we use only 10 percent of our brain has no scientific evidence. 

    The road to my discovery started on the 16th of March 2015. I had just finished watching the 2014 science fiction movie “Lucy”. 

    10 percent brain myth, untapped brain potential

    It was a storyline based on the fact that the average human use only 10 percent of the brain capacity. The Main Character, Scarlett Johansson was able unlock her brain capacity from 10% to 100%. She could do amazing things like travel through time.

    I remember Morgan Freeman who acted as a neuroscientist saying “It’s estimated most human beings only use 10% of the brains capacity. Imagine if we could access 100 percent. Interesting things begin to happen.”

    I had an epic experience watching the movie since I’m a great fan of science fiction (As per physics education undergraduate).

    I have always had interest in exercising my brain. I love numbers, I love chess, and I love IQ games. They really help shape my thinking skills.

    So I rushed to Google after the movie and typed “How to harness 20% of my brain capacity”. Scrolling through the search result, I saw Wikipedia’s headline on number three -“Ten Percent of the brain myth”.

    I read through and found out the greatest shocker of my life. I did more research and found some other sites and I confirmed it over and over again.

    I couldn’t believe that I’ve embraced a lie so strongly for a long time. Well, do not panic much. Just read on.

    By the way, I wonder how many more lies we’ve been told. You really need to question a lot of things you think you know.

    What Is the Origin of the 10 Percent brain Myth?

    Well, from what I’ve read, no one really knows who and where it all started from. All we have are just speculations. 

    Some traced it to a misinterpreted quote of an American psychologist; William James who said “the average person specifically develops only 10 percent of his latent mental ability.” Some say it was Albert Einstein and some others think it was Pierre Floures in the 1800s.

    As for me, I think it is just rubbish. I don’t really care who started it.


    We Use 100 Percent of Our Brain

    There are no scientific proofs of the 10 percent usage. From modern science, taking a full scan of the brain shows activities coursing through the whole organ, even when we are sleeping.

    What If It Were true We Use 10 percent of our brain?

    Ah! That’s very interesting. Neuroscience tells us that the brain uses 20 percent of our body daily energy. So think about it. How can the brain suck up as much as 20 percent energy just for 10 percent efficiency?

    Here is another illustration I read. Let’s assume we remove 90 percent of our brain. The average brain weighs 1.4kg. If we remove 90 percent, it becomes 0.14kg of brain tissue which is equal to the size of sheep’s brain!

    So if you still believe you use 10 percent , it means you have a sheep’s brain.
    You can do some more research on your own. I’m no neuroscientists (though, I was dreamed of becoming a neurosurgeon). 

    What about Savants?

    In case you don’t know, savant syndrome is a condition in which a person shows spectacular and extraordinary capabilities far beyond the normal. It is a very rare case.

    Some of them are extremely talented artists. Some are remarkable mathematicians. I know of one woman who can tell you the exact time even down to seconds without a clock.

    Read: 25 Amazing Savant Minds

    Most of these people are not 100 percent normal. Some have autism. I noticed that savants are extremely good at just one thing. It’s like they focus all their mental energy on one thing.


    What I think people really mean by “we use 10 percent of our brain”

    I think the context to which people use this is based on their shortcomings. We often associate our shortcomings with untapped potentials.

    Basically, we feel there’s more we are capable of than what we are now. The honest truth is that all these are not associated to the percentage of grey matter we harness.

    Humbly snap out of that old belief! If you are still wondering why some people seems smarter than others, stay tuned on this blog. I will share some soon. 
    PS:  Subscribe to get my free updates right in your mailbox.  If this post was helpful to you, please comment and consider sharing it with others. 

    It’s really a great way of saying thanks :)
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    27 April 2015

    Stress and those around you

    Post  by Nicholas Filler
    Have you ever been so stressed that you lash out at others? Has stress seemed to take over your life and personality? 

    Ovid once said “Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop”. 

    This quote should have been my mantra while attempting to get into graduate school because during this time, it felt like stress was dominating every aspect of my life.

    how stress affect you, how stress affect others

    This past year I have been attempting to further my education and get into a master’s program, but it has been far from easy. 

    I knew from the start that obtaining this type of degree was going to test not only my entire undergraduate experience, but my determination and patience. 

    I understood that applying to various schools is a very nerve wracking experience, yet I was unaware of how my stress was going to affect my personal life and those close to me.

    During this process I noticed that my mood was always in complete fluctuation. Either I was happy in regards to the thoughts of moving forward in life, or on the other end of the spectrum, I was distraught and irritable in regards to not knowing if I had a viable future. 

    My friends and family seemed to be trying to distant themselves from asking about how my progress was going, and eventually nobody dared to bring it up. Essentially I was destroying myself internally in regards to this “goal” I was trying to achieve.

    In fact I wasn’t aware of how stressed and irritable I had become until my right upper body was covered in Shingles.

    This is essentially the chicken pox round two, but is caused by large amounts of stress, or a weak immune system. In regards to Shingles the Mayo Clinic has a great description for the causality “The reason for the encore is unclear. 

    But it may be due to lowered immunity to infections as you grow older. Shingles is more common in older adults and in people who have weak immune systems.

    For me, getting Shingles was when it became clear that I was so stressed that I was essentially destroying my body from within.

    The worst part about this ordeal was the bridges that I was burning with friends and family. My mother was one person in particular that could tell that I was very unhappy, and sadly was susceptible to many of my abrupt outbursts during this time

    I would tend to lash out at her when she was trying to reach out or help in regards to this struggle. My friends almost completely stopped asking about how my progress was going, or if I had heard anything back from the universities. 
    Even my little sister was on the tail end of a verbal lashings. I was completely out of control, and I had no idea how to get better. 

    I thought that if I got into school that it would all go away, and yet I still am unsure that if I would have gotten into graduate school that my stress would have actually subsided.

    A couple months ago I found out that I did not get into any of the schools I had applied to. A part of me was distraught and upset, yet there was another part that felt a huge sigh of relief. 

    I knew that this false dichotomy that I had created for myself was finally gone. 

    There is an interesting section within a research study done by Jack Aiello from Rutgers University that states “Participants who had the ability to anticipate interruptions reported the same degree of stress as those who could not anticipate interruptions.” 

    At that time, this statement couldn't have been more true, considering the fact that I couldn’t anticipate getting accepted or getting denied, but after learning that I had been rejected something changed. 

    I no longer needed to care about where I was going in terms of my education. One thing I have always loved was learning about new things and concepts that I was unfamiliar with. 

    I thought that this was going to end if I wasn’t able to get into graduate school. Thankfully this was not the case.

    While still trying to cope with my stress after learning that I did not get accepted, I started diving into one of my long time passions, technology.

    I quickly learned that knowledge is something that you can pursue on your own at your own leisure. 

    As my stress began to fade and I began to really enjoy a once forgotten passion, I had time to reflect on the last few months. 

    I realized that I needed to reach out to those that I had hurt during this time. Most friends and family understood that I was dealing with a very difficult time in my life, and thankfully I am still very close with most of my previous acquaintances.

    There are those that I pushed too far, and I don't think the friendship I had with these people will ever truly mend. 

    Hopefully in the future the friendships I once had will return to normal, but at the moment all I can do is pray.  

    Hopefully you will look at my situation and realize that no matter how stressed you get that there is always an upside. 

    No matter how horrible the circumstances might be, there is always something positive to be learned.

    Take time out of your day to look at something uplifting, or read about something that makes you happy. 

    There is a great article titled “The Mysterious Cleaner” that is a great example of an inspirational article to read if you are feeling stressed. 

    In the future just remember to take a step back, breathe, and realize that everything will work itself out. You just need to have faith in yourself.

    About the Author:
    Nicholas Filler lives in Idaho, and has an interest in technology, education, and medicine. He studied English with an emphasis in writing at Boise State University. Currently working on game theory and design. He enjoys spending his days outside, skiing during the winter, and learning about engineering concepts. 

    If you have a story you want to share, please visit the writers page for guidelines. You don't have to own a blog to write for me :).
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    24 April 2015

    Video: 3 minutes with Uche Pedro of Bella Naija

    Hello readers! It's time for our Friday Inspiring video. I was going through my Youtube feed and I stumbled over this short interview with Uche pedro, founder and creative director of Bella Naija.

    It was an interview carried out by Diamond bank to celebrate her has "Diamond woman" of the month, 2014.

    Beautiful Uche Pedro

     5 Facts about Uche Pedro

    1. She has a set of twins.
    2. She made it to Forbes list of "30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa in 2014."
    3. Her blog receives over 10 million page views each month.
    4. Uche Pedro has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.
    5. In January 2011, Future Awards  honoured Uche Pedro with “Young Person of the Year.”
    See video below.

    Photo Credit: www.hashtagsquare.com

    It's your turn to write

    What do you think about today's video? It will be great to get a feedback from you. Comment below.

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    22 April 2015

    Join Bankole Williams, TY Bello, Praize & more for ‘Live Your Dreams Africa’ 2015 Conference

    Live your dream africa 2015, lyda 2015

    Live Your Dream Africa aims at gathering people who are passionate about living their dreams and are ready to take action. 

    The convener of this conference is Bankole Williams; Life Coach and Award Winning Author for the book Engaged to a Job I Hate.

    The speakers featured will not only share their success stories but also their days of “small beginnings.”

    This is to inspire every dreamer out there to believe that the average achiever they admire was once like them.

    The conference will hold on the 16th of May 2015. It will feature Bankole Williams (Host) and Mrs Adenike Ogunlesi (Founder and Chief Responsibility Officer of Ruff ‘n’ Tumble)

    Panelist includes: Uche Nnaji (CEO, OUCH), OC Ukeje (Award winning Nigerian Actor), TY Bello (Singer, Song writer, and photographer),  Basket Mouth (Comedian), Ehime Eigbe (Fonder of Sweet Kiwi frozen yogurt), and Praiz (Singer and Music producer).

    The compere for the day is Akin Adesoji (MC AK47). 

    The interactive sessions will be moderated by Kemi Lala Akindoju.

    Live Your Dreams Africa Conference 2015 will start at 10am at The Incubator, 7/8 Yesuf Abiodun Way/ City of David Church Road - Victoria Island, Lagos.

    Click here to know more about this initiative.

    If you are interested, you should register at www.liveyourdreamsafrica.com.  The first 200 persons to register will get an interesting gift.

    The 2015 edition of the Live Your Dreams Africa conference is proudly supported by Bella Naija, YNaija, Yadamag, and Olorisupergal.
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