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  • 12 February 2016

    Download The 3 V's Of Vision: An Easy Guide to become a Visionary

    Featured post by Tobi Adesanya

    Courtesy of Tobi Adesanya, my very good friend, you will be getting two life changing freebies today.

    Before reading on: kindly fill this feedback form

    Promise fulfilled. The Ebooks are ready for your download. The First Book {The Three V’s of Vision} simplifies the whole concept of vision. it breaks it down into the vital essentials, the core and the fundamentals needed to locate your vision and it also contains practical guidelines to walk you through the steps that leads to fulfillment of purpose on a daily basis. 

    The devotional would be a daily guide for you, to guide you through starting and staying on the journey of purpose.
    This is a Vision Pack. Endeavor to share your learning and practical experience with others and also send in your stories. 

    One of the promises I received from God regarding last month’s focus is that 2O visionaries would be raised through the devotional. 

    Now that the whole devotional has been packed in to one and a Book is offered with it, I am certain that more and more visionaries would be raised through these mediums, and certainly if you’re reading this, then you’re one of them.

    I’m happy to be in touch with you and to be a blessing and a source of inspiration to you.

    You can download the books below: 


    31 Days Journey on Vision

    I look forward to be able to serve you better.

    Cheers to Your Greatness
    Your Friend in the Journey of Purpose,
    Oluwatobi Adesanya

    Adesanya Oluwatobi is a Word Channel, a Living Oracle, a prolific writer. He received a word that God had committed unto him the Oracles for his generation. He has published two books online this year alone with many more coming. He writes E-Books very frequently, he’s also the pioneer of an online youth devotional called Daily Dealings that addresses issues of youth. He began a youth organization called  Youth Aflame (now called House of Living Oracles) in 2013. Its target group are secondary school students  and youths in the tertiary. He occasionally speaks to  people as he is helped by God. Annually, he convenes a student conference called INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE TERTIARY that brings together secondary school leavers and senior students writing their final year examinations to receive timely instructions that position them for exploits in the university. 

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    8 February 2016

    3 Ultimate Success Principles You Can Learn From Health Physics

    Last year (2015), one of the elective courses I offered in the first semester of my final year in the University was Health Physics.

    I picked interest in that because I spent two years trying to gain admission to study medicine and surgery but all to no avail. I eventually got offered Physics Education.
    So I saw it as a nice opportunity to do something related to health.

    From my knowledge and experience in the class, I want to share with you 3 evergreen principles that will help you consistently live a successful life which I adapted from one of the health Physics lectures.

    By the way, this is not my first time of picking out life lessons from my little knowledge of Physics. I once wrote about "How to become a human telescope" and another one on " Pressure cooker your way to greatness".

    First let's look at this application of Physics.
    Generally, health Physics is concerned with the link between the health of humans and Physics (Both the positive and negative relationships).

    So in one of the classes, we were considering Radiation Control Measures.

    What are Radiations?

    They are energy that travels through space, in the form of particles or electromagnetic waves e.g light, heat, X-rays, etc.

    The kind of energy given off by radioactive atoms are referred to as radiation.

    Without boring you with all these physics stuffs, there are types of radiations and one of which is called ionizing radiation and it's harmful to the human body. It is harmful because when a human is exposed to it, due to its ionizing power, it can change the chemical bonds in the body.

    Some biological effects of radiations includes cataracts, cancer, DNA mutation, and it can also cause development defects to an embryo in a woman's womb amongst many other things.

    Our exposure to radiations in our everyday life is inevitable but the problem is excessive exposure.

    Hence, we were taught about external control measures for radiations which are in three categories.

    1. Time: If you decrease the amount of time you spend near a source of radiation, you will decrease the amount of radiation exposure you receive. For example, the more time you spend under the sun, the more severe sunburn you get.

    2. Distance: It's safe to keep distance from radiation sources. The farther away, the less exposure you receive. For example, if Peter is sitting closer to a fire than John, Peter will experience more heat.

    3. Shielding: This involves placing some materials that can withstand radiation like concrete or lead so as to reduce the radiation exposure.

    It's over a month since my graduation. So I recently picked up my lecture notes and I was able to relate this radiation exposure measures to proven principles that govern the success rate of people in life.

    The 3 Success Principles Physics Teaches us

    Without any further ado, they are (you guessed right);

    1. Time Principle

    2. Distance Principle
    3. Shielding Principle

    #1. Time Principle

    Well, I believe you are reading this post because you know being successful feels good. It could be business, marriage, career, studies, family , etc. If you want to be affiliated with success, then you must be committed to her.

    We measure commitment by the amount of time and energy you set apart for a task. You must be attracted to success. That's the only way you would want to spend more time gaining her on your side.

    I love quotes! Check this out.

    Nelson Mandela said

     " We must use time wisely and forever realise that the time is always ripe to do right."
    Martin Luther King also said

    " We must use time creatively."

    In line with the precautions for radiation I talked about, you need to decrease the amount of time you spend on activities that are harmful to your goals and vision.

    In other words, you need to Invest more time on those things that will move you closer to your goals and vision and ultimately help you fulfill your purpose.

    This is very important. It cannot be over emphasised. I believe this is how to measure your productivity (by what you spend your time on).

    Remember, God commanded man to be fruitful and multiply.

    Sometime in September last year, I anchored a tweetcast hosted by @Dayus4heaven on twitter on the topic "Principles of time" (Click here to read full tweet cast).

    I said "A lot of people spend their time doing unnecessary things and end up complaining about insufficient time."

    I have come to understand that some things may seem urgent but that doesn't make them important.

    • Spend more time learning about that thing you want to succeed at. Read books, attend seminars, hire a coach or a trainer, take a masterclass, etc. You can spend at least 2 hours each day learning something new that will contribute to your cumulative success.

    •  Spend less time on frivolous chats, mails, texts, or even TV programs. It's amazing to know that the social media can be a very productive way to waste time. It is important to get rid all this time stealers

    • Spend more time knowing God and developing your faith.

    " ...but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action. " -Daniel 11:32 (ESV)
    Study the word more. Determine to know the person of Jesus and all that he did on the cross.

    •  Spend real time with family. Make emotional deposit's in them. What is the point of having to pursue your dreams without family by your side.

    The more time you spend on activities that are harmful and toxic to your goals and vision, the more severe damage you permit.

    Question: Who and what do you spend your with?

    Read: 4 common lies you tell yourself

    #2. Distance Principle

    The distance principle is closely related to the time Principle. This Principle reveals that the farther away you are from those activities or persons that are toxic to your goals and vision, the lesser your chances of failing.

    Izaak Walton said

     "Good company and good discourse are the very sinew of virtue."

    Who are in your circle of friends? Do you even have a circle (for those that love being alone)? Who do you talk to? Who do you share your ideas with?

    Are you involved in a constructive or destructive association?

    Let me share a story with you.

    A man bought a plane ticket from Lagos to Abuja. On the day for the departure, he got to the airport early. It was still about an hour till the take-off time.

    He decided to the obvious thing which was to hang around. While he was waiting, he noticed a group of guys discussing football and he stylishly joined the conversation.

    It was surely a good way for him to stay engaged.
    After a while, he asked them what they were going to do at Abuja only to find out they were not heading in the same direction with him.

    It was at this point he checked the time to discover he had spent over an hour with those guys discussing football. The end result was that he missed his flight.

    The lesson here is that you should never associate with people who are not heading in the same direction with you.

    •  Avoid associating with people who complain and grumble always.

    • Avoid associating with those who speak ill of others and proclaim negative words.

    •  Avoid associating yourself with anyone who doesn't appreciate your uniqueness.

    • Run away from people who always discourage your ideas.

    •  Flee from people who want you to compromise your integrity.

    • Vanish from people who always exhibit negative attitude.

    You might claim to want to help them stand but have you gained your own stamina?
    The closer you are to these people who emit negative energy, the higher your absorption rate of those negative energy.

    If I get it right, John Obidi (SmartBCamp.com) puts it this way:

    "You will become a product of the top 5 people you associate with."

    Question: Who and what do you associate with?

    Read: How you endanger your life: 6 ways to protect yourself

    #3. Shielding Principle

    Errm, how do I explain this? Ok!

    If you stand out in the rain without an umbrella or any other similar item, you will get wet. That's so obvious right?

    In other words, you should know how to zone people and also separate yourself from activities that take the better part of you.

    Of course, when it coming to zoning, girls are experts. I watched a comedy skit on Instagram recently. A guy was crying because he has been friend zoned for five years!

    This third prnciple is linked to the distance principle. The best way to keep a distance is to set boundaries. You should know that this does not give you the license to be rude and hostile.

    You have to devise means to properly zone out those people who are harmful to your God given vision.

    •  Shield your mind by renewing daily with God's word.

    • Shield yourself by maintaining integrity. Be integrated.

    As Bankole Williams will put it (BankoleWilliams.com):

    "Let your goals, thoughts, and actions align."

    •  Shield yourself by being at the right place and at the right time.

    • Shield yourself by growing thick skin to discouragements and unhealthy criticisms.


    I believe in protecting ones goals and guarding ones vision. There are so many things that can make you lose them. I also believe that these 3 principles if consistently practised, can help you take good precautions.

    Over to you
    Can you relate to this post? What other principles do you know of? Did I miss out on anything. I welcome contributions, reservations, and recommendations. Please use the comment form below.
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    25 January 2016

    From Around the Web: 10 Sensational blog posts that will help you have a spectacular 2016

    sensational blog post, spectacular 2016

    It's #Day25 of 366 days. The excitement of the new year is still buzzing. It's already a fresh start for so many. To some, it is a clean slate to make right the wrongs of 2015 while some others see it as an opportunity to level up on their previous success.

    Before I get down  with this amazing roundup post, I would like to share with you what matters most this year.

    Do you know what matters most this year? It's very simple but yet many ignore it. It is what will account for all that will transpire in the next 341 days left of this year.

    This factor will determine if you will be proud of your self or angry at yourself by Dec 31st 2016.

    The one and only thing that will matter is YOU!

    What will you be willing to sacrifice to live the life you truly desire?

    Yes, I know that the God factor is very significant, but you can only take a horse to the river but you can't force it to drink.
    Are you ready to face your fears?
    Are you ready to rise above your mental limitations?
    Are you willing to press on towards your purpose? Have you found your own unique voice?

    Are you ready to surrender instant gratification for future celebration?

    To be more specific...

    Are you ready to finish writing that book you abandoned?
    Are you ready to start that business?
    Are you ready to propose to that woman?
    Are you ready to step up with your studies and make the grades you desire?
    Well, the only true test of readiness is during the game! You can't say you are ready and stay still. How do we know you are ready?

    As an introvert, I often suffer from the perfectionist syndrome. I always have nice plans in my head but never seem to get started because I always have a better version that keeps evolving.
    I had to learn to break free. I have not mastered it fully but the difference between now and then is that I am very much aware of the dangers of having ideas that never get executed.

    Are you aware of your limitations? Are you willing to stretch yourself beyond your present limits?

    Your answers will go a long way to determine what your end will be like this year.

    Are you going to sit there and believe that you are a loser because you failed once or twice or are you going to rise and defend the champion in you?

    What you do this year is what matters. God's grace is available in abundance but nothing will work until you walk into it by faith.
    Do not let past experiences determine what you will become. Don't restrain your awesomeness. Make that decision today to be committed to your purpose.

    Anyway before it looks like I gave a misleading post title, let's get quickly to them.

    #1. Why I Don't Believe in Making New Year Resolutions

    Setting  resolutions at the beginning of every year has become a cliché. Award winning Internet Marketer, Iyabo Oyawale shares some inspiring insights into why she doesn't believe in setting new year resolutions. She believes they are overrated. Why not learn from her.


    Still on the issue of new year resolutions, it was also contested by Miss Purple Heart. Is having resolutions a yes or a no? Find out in her post.


    Speaking of plans of this 2016, Award winning Sisi Yemmie defined her's has intentional living. You might want to learn from her and be inspired to Succeed.

    #4. 29 Things You Should Do This Year!

    Meanwhile, earlier this year, Shola Okubote at Woman.ng ( Yeah! You guess right. It's strictly women affairs) shared 29 things she believes we can do this year. If you are not married, I'd advice you to stay away from number 3 on her list.

    #5. How to Say No (Without Guilt or Being a Jerk)

    I really recommend this post. We all have those moments when we ought to say No but don't want to hurt someone and end up totally going way beyond our will. Betsy Talbot on The change blog shares with us that it's safe to say No sometimes and she gave great hints on how to do that without feeling guilty.

    #6. 7 Things To Say NO To In 2016

    It's maybe very good to learn to say know to people, but if you want to get your desired results that will bring fulfilment to you, Theo Eliss at Pickthebrain.com shares 7 things you have to say no to in your life this 2016

    #7. 5 Ways To Achieve Results And Exceed Your Goals in the New Year

    Many talk about meeting up with Goals, but Ruth Zubairu writes on how to exceed those goals you have set. 

    #8. Uduak Ubak s Blog: One Way To Make The Most of 2016

    The measure of life is time and you need to make the most out of 2016. It's just 29, 462, 400 seconds (341 days) away.


    I believe that waking early in the morning can help you become more productive. Just in case you have troubles waking early, Michael Hyatt podcast can really help you with that.

    #10. 2016 STRATEGIC BUSINESS GROWTH GUIDE: 5 Killer Activities to Grow your Business this Year 

    Tito Philips is a great entrepreneur with track records of achievements. He shares some amazing tips to help make
    you more strategic with your business this 2016. This is also a must read.

    I hope you enjoyed the list. So back to my earlier discussion.

    Take steps daily this 2016. No matter how small. Whatever you focus on will grow. Do not allow negative thoughts choke your great ideas.

    Make up your mind to be #Committedtopurpose

    PS: If you find it difficult to work towards your goals or you need help to gain clarity about your life, let me help you. Send me a mail.
    seasoned life journal

    I love feed backs, let me know what you plan doing to make 2016 different. Drop your comments below.
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    7 January 2016

    Top 5 Most Popular 2015 Posts That Rocked on this Blog

    Round up post, inspiration

    Hello Readers!

    It's a new year! It's 2016! The heat is gathering up. Everyone seem to be so excited. New year resolutions, goals and others is spilling everywhere.

    I don't want to write about that yet but I will very soon. It's never too late.
    I want to continue something today that I started last year. 

    Its will be a yearly tradition on this blog. It's a list of popular posts for the previous year. I didn't blog so much in 2015 but those few times I  made a post, they surely rocked well.

    A lot of amazing things happened to me last year: graduated from college, launched the maiden edition of leverage conference, and so on.

    I promise a lot of inspiration and self developing content in a grand package this year. I am committed to seeing you become a better version of yourself.

    I want to see you living the good life you always dream of. By the way, if you haven't downloaded my mini eBook: 8 legal steps to live your dreams, do that now.

    Enjoy my top 5 list.

    5. 8 Perfectly legal steps to live your dreams

    Every sane person wants to be fulfilled. I know the feeling of going to bed satisfied from within and also going to bed feeling sad and unfulfilled. So I decided to write this short guide to help you. READ MORE.4. Video: Is social media making you anti social?
    I believe the social media is one of the best things that have happened to humanity in the 21st century. However, there are some irregularities caused by people. I sought to strike a balance in this post. READ MORE.

    3. 5 sure fire creative thinking hacks children can teach you

    This was my no brainier children's day special. Children are cute and amazing. There are a lot of things we adult can learn from little kids. If you want to access your creative abilities more, you need this. READ MORE.

    2. 21 Nigerian inspirational/personal improvement blogs in Nigeria.

    I did this list post to help people find other great Nigerian blogs like mine. It later appeared to me as a very wise decision. I am already compiling a bigger list. READ MORE.

    1. 5 tricks for expanding your comfort zone

    Yeah! The top post. This was a guest post by Sarah Williams. It sure rocked better than all my posts. It's easy for you to set a mental limitation for yourself and dwell there. It's called the comfort zone. It's a mediocre level. Sarah teaches us how to expand. READ MORE.


    There are definitely other amazing posts that didn't make the list. Please share with your friends and drop a comment. Which of the five do you like best?
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    4 January 2016

    Apply For the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship $5,000 Grant for 1000 Persons Across Africa

    opportunity, entrepreneur,training

    If you are an entrepreneur seeking to start a business or expand your existing business, you should apply for Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program. This might be your chance to live your dreams.

    It will avail you with the opportunity to undergo entrepreneurial mentoring and guidance, and a live entrepreneurship boot camp. You also stand the chance to be among the selected 1000 entrepreneurs across Africa that will win $5,000 in grants to start or expand your business.
    The portal was opened  on the 1st of January, 2016. You should visit Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme Webpage to apply if interested.

    I indulge you to grab this opportunity so that you could make that innovative dream business you have conceived come to life. Don't feel inadequate or inferior about your ideas. You never know,  your Ideas Can Transform Africa.
    This entrepreneurship programme is a competitive one so read instructions carefully. Records shows that many people fail examinations because they don't take time to read instructions.
    Make sure it's a sustainable business that will be able to generate wealth and help in combating the issue of unemployment.

    About Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme

    The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme is an initiative of the Tony Elumelu Foundation geared towards building about 10,000 African entrepreneurs over a period of 10 years starting from 2014.The aim is to create 1,000,000 jobs and contribute $10 billion in annual revenues to Africa’s economy over this period.

    TEEP is a Pan-African entrepreneurship initiative which  is a multi-year programme of training, funding, and mentoring, designed to empower the next generation of African entrepreneurs.

    Once again, the TEEP website is http://tonyelumelufoundation.org/teep
    Application Deadline is March 1st 2016.
    Take your time! Good luck.

    Credit: entrepreneurssquare.com, Tonyelumelufoundation.org
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    3 January 2016

    How Technology Is Changing Education Today

    Guest post by Peter Minkoff

    Children, learning,education

    Walking down the memory lane, we can see how education looked like decades ago, before the era of computers and smartphones. We had a school teacher standing in front of pupils, telling the lesson and writing down the most important things with chalk on the chalkboard. What we have today seems miles away from chalkboards. Still, the goal of education remains the same – providing students with necessary knowledge and provoking love for learning. What is different, though, are the tools that are used in teaching and the simplified access to information for students. Let us see some of the concrete ways how technology is changing education.

    Evolution of the Teacher

    Though the goal has remained the same, the person who executes it had to evolve from a lecturer in an ex cathedra approach to an artist/entertainer/know-it-all who has to compete with the technology for students’ attention and work together with it with the same purpose. In many ways, technology has made the job easier for teachers, because now they can dig deeper into the topic and explain it better, by using videos, photos, info graphics, audios and presentations.

    Sharing the Notes

    A while back, kids were writing down notes on classes and then photocopied them and distribute and exchange them throughout the class. That is no longer the case. Through various apps, the students and the teachers can share notes, homework, ask questions and give comments on certain lessons. Not only that, the ordinary old notes as we remember them evolved from photos and text to presentations, videos, audios, etc.

    Interactive Approach

    Both students and teachers today have an obligation to engage in learning, communicate and build an interactive way of mastering the courses. The children can learn a lot of things at home with various video games. A good example is Poptropica which features video games inspired by history and bring this subject closer to kids. Also, the teachers have all the necessary tools to use similar approaches on their classes. The tech-devices enable the students to communicate which each other and with the teacher beyond the classroom walls.

    Personalized Teaching

    Personalized learning, also known as competency-based learning has become possible mostly because of the technology advancements. It is a holistic and student-centered approach to education. Based on the premise that each student has different interest, skills, needs and aspirations it is supporting students of all ability level. Besides, personalized approach shows students that the teachers care about them as individuals, which further leads to a more positive learning environment and, thus, better results. By accepting this approach, teachers are becoming co-learners and they have to use inter-disciplinary means and work together with students.

    Screens Are the New Books

    The textbooks are being pushed aside by eBooks, smartphones, computers and tablets. A research done by VJR Consulting showed that media use among children ages 8 to 18 the has grown so much that they, on average, spend twice as much time with screens as they spend in school (annually). That does not have to be a bad thing, though. If students would switch completely to eBooks and other devices, that would be more convenient and more affordable. The children can master the learning by using technology really fast. Just look at the “cloud grannies” project which includes retired professionals from the United Kingdom mentoring the groups of students in India via Skype.
    The changes we are witnessing today are just the start of the evolution of education. Because evolution, by itself, carries positive implications, we feel the need to point out that, if done right, the usage of technology in education can significantly ease the job of a teacher, improve the individual success of students and thus, later on, “produce” more competent people with diplomas.

    Peter Minkoff guestpostPeter is a lifestyle writer located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a trend forecaster and as a freelance writer for few local newspapers in Brisbane. Beside writing, he loves shopping, cooking exotic meals and travelling around tropical destinations. He’s future plans are in creating his personal lifestyle blog about everyday life-saving tips.
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    14 December 2015

    #MyLasuStory: Share your Lagos State Univeristy Experience and Inspire Someone

    There have been much excitement at Lagos State University, Ojo this past weeks. Majority of the full time final year students had completed their final examination. I am glad to be one of them.

    Of a truth, it has been a great four, or five years for all of us here. We are grateful and glad. Despite the consistent strikes from the staffs of the University, students being victimized/threatened, and several other crises that occurred and took several lives. 

    A large number of us scaled through with unique stories that I believe should be shared. This is why I decided to join the #MylasuStory hash tag by sharing other people's stories  here on my blog and see how we can make it trend on all social networks.

    Criteria to submit a story

    - You must be a LASU (Lagos State University) graduate either from this set or previous set but primarily class of 2015. 

    If you think you have a story that can inspire and encourage someone out there, please do share with us as we share with the world. I believe everyone has such a story.

    - Send your photo, your story (with a title), department, & course to my mail (Abraham (at) seasonedlifejournal.com)

    - You should conclude your story in this format.. "My name is XYZ, and this is #MyLasuStory"

    Note: replace "(at)" with @

    - You can include throwback photos also.

    We (I and some group of persons) would go through each submissions before publishing. 

    I look forward to receiving your mails.

    Hint: Let it be natural, and unique. You can even tell a picture story. You can share a video also.
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    11 December 2015

    We celebrate Wofai Samuel as she wraps up 2015 with three more International recognition

    Nigezie presenter

    Wofai Samuel, is  Veteran Nigerian Broadcaster who was recently rewarded by the UK-London Life Changers Awards for her philanthropic contributions through the media for the people and Government of Cross River state from 2007 to 2013. Amongst other humanitarian services to Nigerian Citizenry is also a pundit for the Nollys' Live in London, Sky 329.

    She was presented an Award by the former-Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Her Excellency, Princess Sarah Sosan at Miss Green two months ago. This Award was based on  her use of Electronic media as a irrefutable tool in promoting Peace/Unity in Nigerian Democracy.
    The award came shortly after the recognition from Classic Africa Merit Awards which also had prestigious individuals like Senator Dino Melaye among others grace the stage in receiving of their awards.

    She received a mention on the stage of Vanguard Personality Awards 2015 alongside five Nigerian Governors.

    She was the only presenter/media personality (excluding CNBC) on the red carpet of All Africa Business Leaders Awards in collaboration with CNBC Africa and Forbes 2015.

    She was the only anchor from Africa at the West African Power Industry Awards 2015. Finally from the international scene for 2015, she was the only anchor from Africa chosen for the interview sessions at the African Oil/Gas Forum Dinner organized by the Oil/Gas Council whilst getting recognized on stage.

    She can be regarded as a young Nigerian lady living her dreams.
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    24 October 2015

    Photos from Leverage Conference 2015, at Lagos State Univeristy

    The maiden edition of Leverage Conference took place on Wednesday, 14th of October 2015 and I am still excited at the success of the Conference. It was my first major event and honestly I was so nervous all through the night preceding the conference.

    It's a new initiative by me and I intend to continue every year. If you still don't understand what leverage conference is all about, visit the official website at www.leverageng.com.

    The conference focus for this year was social media and branding. I was looking forward to informing the students of Lagos State University of the power of social media for their personal brand, and also inspire them on how to be unique and original with their businesses. 

    It was really inspiring as Michael Okeje, Marketing lead of Jobberman.com and Sisi Yemmie shared amazing stuffs with us all.

    I was scared of the turnout at the beginning of the program but at the end, we recorded over 300 persons.

    The audio recording of the event would be released very soon for ordering. Stay tuned to this blog.

    Below are some of the event photos:

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    Michael Okeje

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
     Sisi Yemmie

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    Myself and Notrespazz(comedian)

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    Protocol (Up) Vs Ushers (Down)

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    Michael Okeje on the red carpet

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    Sisi Yemmie on red carpet
    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    Presenting an award to Michael Okeje

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    Notrespazz Cracking us

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    A section of the audience

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    My bro and I

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    Myself and one of our sponsors (D'accubin)

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    Michael Okeje, Myself, and David Jaiyeola

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    This was during my welcome address

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    Presenting an award to Sisi Yemmie

    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    Myself, Sisi Yemmie, and Tobi Aigbogun
    Leverage conference, social media and branding, smbclasu
    leverage conference- social media and branding

    You can see more on my Instagram page.

    Hey guys! I am definitely looking forward to a better next year. Interesting right? Let me know what you think.

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